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Why You Should Review Your Building’s Heating Zones

Heating zones are areas of a building that have differing heating requirements. Recognising and treating these zones as separate to each other is key to having the most efficient climate control system. It’s strongly discouraged that you have ...

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What Bristol’s Green Capital Status Means for your Business

Bristol has now begun its year as the European Green Capital for 2015. The first UK city to be given the award, Bristol is being recognised for its efforts to become more environmentally friendly. This is a fantastic boost for the city’s green as...

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Things to Consider when Planning your Buildings Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is often an afterthought in business, as it is often not thought of as a necessity unless you’re a company that is dependent on a controlled climate. In fact, air conditioning and temperature are important to all working environments, as comfortable working temperatures create a more productive workplace ...

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How Faulty Air Con can disrupt a Workplace

For some businesses, air conditioning may be an added luxury to their workplace and not thought of as a priority. This means that should a fault occur, fixing it may not be at the top of your lists of priorities. Despite the belief that office air conditioning is a luxury, a faulty system could actually be incredibly disruptive...

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Why Controlling Humidity Matters

For many businesses controlling humidity can be just as important as maintaining an optimal temperature. Humidity can affect a variety of manufacturing process as well as testing and storage, so understanding how humidity may affect your business and what you can do about it is crucial. ...

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What to do if you realise your air conditioning system uses R22

With a change in the law in January 2015, not everyone is fully aware of the new regulations regarding use of R22 refrigerant in air conditioning systems. If you’ve recently discovered that your air conditioning system is still using R22 refrigerant, then you may be confused about what you need to do.

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