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Why now is the best time to have your air conditioning serviced

Why now is the best time to have your air conditioning serviced

Without a doubt, the best time to have your air conditioning system serviced is before you actually need to use it. This may sound like the punchline of a bad joke but the fact remains if you only realise that the system needs to be serviced when it’s vitally important it functions normally then this inevitably leads to problems.

We’ve highlighted three reasons why you really should think about getting your air conditioning looked at sooner rather than later.

Availability during peak periods

Anyone in the UK knows how quickly the weather can change – both for better or worse – so it’s prudent and wise to ensure your air conditioning is functioning to peak performance before it’s really needed.

When the weather heats up everyone will just expect to turn their aircon on and have it work with no problems. When it doesn’t, a large proportion of those same people will then be contacting air conditioning installation companies, which will lead to an increased demand.

So the risks that you run in not having your air conditioning installation checked before you need it are :-

· Your preferred company might be too busy

· You may end up spending more than you need for an air conditioning check

· Worse still, you may not be able to find anyone to check your aircon and you end up suffering in stuffy homes and workplaces

Confidence in your air conditioning maintenance service

It’s not usually just a case of ringing any old air conditioning installation and maintenance company and have them come to check your system. Often there are warranty issues on your air conditioning system so only certain approved installers or engineers may be approved to work on your specific manufacturer’s equipment.

Worst still, they may not have experience of your particular system, so will likely ‘tinker’ and perhaps even cause more damage.

By hiring an air conditioning company like TEK, you can be assured they have experience working with all the major air conditioning equipment manufacturers and we provide regular reports which you can use for your own records and as proof of maintenance.

Future reliability of your air con system

In addition to a regular check or service, an expert air conditioning installation and maintenance company will be able to offer guarantees for their work, reassuring you for the future. Additionally, you could also enter into a maintenance contract which will ensure regular checks to ensure your aircon is always working at optimal effectiveness.

Although air conditioning should be checked at least annually, dependent on its usage and dirt in the atmosphere more frequent checks and cleaning may be recommended so that many clients opt for 6-monthly maintenance checks – for example, before the summer months is ideal, but it could also be worth checking just as autumn arrives to ensure the strains of summer haven’t taken their toll on the air conditioning and when heating mode is called on in the winter months the equipments is still running at optimal levels.

In order to ensure the future reliability of your air conditioning system TEK offer a Managed Maintenance Contract to new clients in Bristol and throughout the South West, even if you didn’t have your system installed by us.

Now is the best time to have your air conditioning serviced

There’s no time like the present when it comes to having your air conditioning system serviced. Don’t leave anything up to chance this summer, whether you need an annual service, a one-off emergency repair or are in need of one of our schedule maintenance contracts, our experienced air conditioning engineers have the expertise you need.

If you’re looking for air conditioning servicing in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Swindon, and surrounding areas, Total Environmental Kooling can help. You can request a quote by calling TEK today on 01179 523355 or use our contact form for a quick response.