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Potential issues with a badly ventilated warehouse

The UK has recently been experiencing an unusually hot Summer following a particularly harsh winter, which can have a negative effect on business. Ventilation is important for the productivity of your employees, health and safety and potentially the quality of your products. Here are several problems you n...

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How to get the best ventilation for your industrial or commercial space

Whether it’s an office, warehouse, or retail space, it is important to know how to effectively ventilate your industrial and commercial facilities. This will ensure optimal comfort for your employees and customers and provide the most cost efficient solution for your business. Here are a few ways your air conditioning can help ...

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How often do office air conditioners need to be serviced?

It’s only in the last few years that air conditioning has really become the norm in most offices. As the summer arrives, everyone’s reliance on the office air conditioners increases. But how can we tell how often office air conditioners need to be serviced, and who is it we can speak to? Regular maintenance is needed ...

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What are the requirements for temperature controlled facilities?

It is important to have a good understanding of the design of temperature-controlled facilities and what requirements different classes of room need. A consistent indoor climate in a commercial environment can be beneficial from a financial and health and safety perspective. In many sectors, if products are not produced or tested/...

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Open windows Vs Air conditioning: How to maintain a cool office in the Summer

Air conditioning can maintain that cool, refreshing temperature within the confines of your office or home; however, many of us will make the mistake of opening the windows to improve air flow circulation. This will not only allow hot air inside but will likely reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioning, making your office ...

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What cleanroom classification does your industry need?

Cleanrooms are used by across a broad range of industries where small particles and changes in temperature can affect the manufacturing process. Cleanrooms regulate temperature, humidity and tolerance of acceptable temperature change within an area as well as managing the affect of small particles on the manufacturing process. The...

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