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Evaporative Cooling for Server Rooms

One of the trickiest things about server rooms is the amount of heat they generate.  If you think about the heat that can come f...

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Evaporative Cooling Systems

You know that feeling you get when you step out of a swimming pool and the air hits you?  How even on a hot day, you still feel cool and fresh?  Well, that’s a very...

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Data Centre Cooling

Data centres are physical places (usually a building) to store and compute data for many purposes.  Because they use a lot of power, they generate a lot of heat and that means data centre cooling is a crucial part of running one of these centres.  Let’s look at the fundamentals involved with it.

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Portable Air Conditioners vs. Split System Air Conditioners: Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Air conditioning is something many businesses...

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What are the ideal Cleanroom temperature and humidity standards?

Many manufacturing processes require a space that is free from contaminants and particles that is known as a Cleanroom.  These spaces are also common at research institutes and universities where work is being carried out that those airborne particles could interfere with. With any cleanroom, there are a variety of standards th...

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What is a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system?

For experts in air conditioning, VRF or Variable Refrigerant Flow systems aren’t a new option.  In fact, they have been around for three decades.  But for businesses looking to have an air conditioning system added or an upgrade, unders...

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