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Humidity Levels: How Humidity Can Affect Your Health

When it comes to a comfortable atmosphere, we typically focus on temperatures, but humidity levels in your business or home play a more significant role than you may think. Also, when we speak about humidity, we immediately think of the weather outside. However, it's recommended that the humidity level in your home or office sh...

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Air Source Heat Pumps VS Ground Source Heat Pumps

As a clean and efficient source of heating, air source and ground source heat pumps have both become popular in new buildings. But what similarities do they share, and what are the differences? Both of these heat pumps pull heat from the air or earth to provide an efficient, renewable system of heating your home and hot water. ...

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Air Source Heat Pumps: The Ultimate Guide

As a renewable source of energy, air source heat pumps have been garnering a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. More and more UK homeowners are relying on them to heat their property. But what exactly are they? ...

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What are Cleanroom Requirements for Medical Devices?  

Medical device manufacturers depend on cleanrooms to ensure that their products are safe to market. A high priority is given to preventing contamination and promoting hygiene when it comes to medical devices. Healthcare providers are assisted in the diagnosis and treatment by these devices, which can imp...

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Laminar Flow Cabinets: What Are They? 

When undergoing specific industrial and experimental processes, you may require a laminar flow cabinet to carefully control your environment. These are often used in conjunction with a specialised clean...

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Controlled Environment vs. Cleanroom: Are they the same or Different?

When undergoing industrial production or conducting research projects, you may require the use of a specialised environment with set conditions such as a controlled environment or cleanroom. Certain processes can only be undertaken in an area with no risk of ...

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