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What are Cleanroom Requirements for Medical Devices?  

Medical device manufacturers depend on cleanrooms to ensure that their products are safe to market. A high priority is given to preventing contamination and promoting hygiene when it comes to medical devices. Healthcare providers are assisted in the diagnosis and treatment by these devices, which can imp...

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Laminar Flow Cabinets: What Are They? 

When undergoing specific industrial and experimental processes, you may require a laminar flow cabinet to carefully control your environment. These are often used in conjunction with a specialised clean...

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Controlled Environment vs. Cleanroom: Are they the same or Different?

When undergoing industrial production or conducting research projects, you may require the use of a specialised environment with set conditions such as a controlled environment or cleanroom. Certain processes can only be undertaken in an area with no risk of ...

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Air Source Heat Pumps Disadvantages

As homes and businesses have a growing awareness of the impact that their activities have on the environment, there’s a growing look towards alternative ways to heat and cool properties.  While there is a clear need to find alternatives to using gas and electricity created from fossil fuels, not all of the solutions are quite as i...

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What Is A Split Air Conditioner?

With the frequency of hot spells we are seeing in the UK, more people than ever are turning to air conditioning as a solution.  From homes to small businesses and large-scale commercial properties, there’s a need for the righ...

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Will a Dirty Filter Affect my Air Conditioning Unit?

In short, yes. The filter in your AC unit is vital for keeping dust and debris away from the moving parts of the machine, but these substances can build up o...

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