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Maintaining a server room at the right temperature

Right temperature for a server room

Modern office blocks and business properties are a lot more complicated than they used to be. Often there’s a lot of high tech equipment on site that has to be able to perform at an optimum level at all times.

One area that has more requirements than most, when it comes to operating conditions is the server room.

Why servers need an ideal temperature

Servers are the computers that tech firms have in order to process their data on a large scale. These can be fairly modest in some companies but often they consist of banks of individual computers that have to be carefully maintained and serviced. Most businesses should monitor temperature and air conditions in their server room if they have one.

This is essential to prevent any downtime due to overheating that can not only damage equipment but cause huge problems for those trying to access the services provided. Once you control the temperature and humidity, you can ensure that your system works under optimum conditions.

Airflow is also important and combined with temperature can have an impact on humidity. Let’s say, for example, that the temperature gets too high and the humidity level rises. Maybe there are cooler areas of the server room where condensation will start to form, dripping onto expensive and vital bits of expensive pieces of technology.

The importance of air conditioning for server rooms

As we’ve mentioned before, there is a high chance of servers overheating and the systems being suspended. Having good air conditioning in these areas, not only helps maintain their equipment, but used correctly can also help reduce costs and energy efficiency.

What is split air conditioning?

An area like a server room will almost certainly need a different type of air conditioning compared to an office. Split air conditioning allows you to determine comfort levels for difference parts of your business. That means, while your server room might be suitably chilled, your office staff aren’t having to cope with the same lower temperatures and have a comfortable environment in which to work.

While traditional ways of heating and ventilating an office property can work for many businesses, if you have any form of highly technical equipment on site, the chances are you’ll have to focus more on the surrounding temperature. You might be thinking of installing a server room or need to expand your existing one, in which case you will want to think carefully about the AV system that you have installed at the same time.

TEK are Daikin D1+ approved installers, and can design a split zone system that works for your premises. So if you’re thinking of installing split zone air conditioning in Bristol or throughout the UK and would like a quote or more information, contact TEK today on 01179 523355 or use our contact form for a quick response.