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How to keep a warehouse well ventilated

How to keep a warehouse well ventilated

One of the key challenges that all warehouses and large industrial spaces face is providing good ventilation. Air quality should be a primary consideration for companies when it comes to health and safety, but it can also impact on productivity. Getting it right is not always easy.

The Problem of Poor Ventilation in large spaces

While good warehouse ventilation can go unnoticed, the same can’t be said when things aren’t operating at their best. Without proper air circulation, temperatures can often build up making the atmosphere stuffy and stifling in any warehouse. In the winter it can get too cold and there can also be issues with humidity and condensation, and fumes from surrounding machinery.

All this in turn will almost definitely have an impact on performance as well as health and safety. It’s certainly not a good combination as far as the wellbeing of workers is concerned.

Warehouses generally have large open spaces and areas where stock is continually being moved and replenished which means there’s always an open door at loading bay. That makes it all the more difficult to maintain a constant, healthy temperature and even ensure air quality is at its best.

Considerations for Warehouse Ventilation

One of the biggest concerns is going to be the air conditioning installation itself. Most sizeable warehouse structures have some form of AC in place, whether that’s an old system or a newer, more energy efficient one. Ensuring your existing air conditioning unit is working at optimum levels will not only mean a comfortable work environment for staff but also ensure stock and other infrastructure are protected.

The main considerations you will need to focus on include:

•How to get a uniform temperature – this can be difficult if you use a mix of natural systems rather than a dedicated AC installation that is built for your specific needs. That means it can get far too hot in summer and way too cold in winter, despite your best efforts.

•The structure of the warehouse – if you want to take advantage of natural conditions, it often means that the structure and orientation of your property needs to be at it’s optimum. That’s not the case with most warehouses.

•Condensation can also be a major factor and can build up causing damage in places where you might not be able to see it properly. Damp can gather in roof beams, for example, which means that drops may fall on staff working beneath when conditions are right.

Choosing The Right Temperature

A lot of commercial air condition is not just about maintaining the air quality but providing the right temperature. Ensuring a suitable AC system is installed therefore becomes more important, particularly for large open spaces like warehouses. Even in expansive premises, individual areas may require different solutions, which is why being able to take advantage of air conditioning zoning is so important. Installing systems with inverters allows your business to have greater control over temperatures which has a big impact on the comfort level of staff.

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