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How to economically use your air conditioning this summer

Air conditioner in summer

Summer is here, and hopefully it will hang around for a bit longer than usual this year. Whilst air conditioning certainly helps the long, hot summer days feel more bearable, overuse can lead to high running costs and potential need for repairs, so we need to ensure that we’re using it economically and efficiently. Here are four tips to help you ensure your air conditioning stays efficient and performs to its optimum capacity.

Ensure the air conditioning settings are correct

In any office, the air conditioning units are not always located in the ideal positions for airflow. For example, in temporary offices and buildings, different companies will arrange desks and offices differently so it’s likely some employees may experience varied levels of air conditioning.

Often workers located in areas of non-optimum air conditioning change the settings to compensate. Not only does this leave other co-workers overly cold or too warm, it often means the air conditioning is being strained.

Ensure the air conditioning settings are correct, constant and (if needs be) fit the settings with a tamper-proof cover to prevent employees from changing them.

Ensure the air conditioning is not used to excess

One major problem with air-conditioning is that it makes some workers reluctant to face the heat, so their dependence on cool air increases – which leads to the air conditioning often being used longer, colder, and to excess.

Try to encourage workers to become more acclimatised to natural air and temperatures, and not to either use the air conditioning to excess or to become too reliant on its comfort.

Have your air conditioning checked and serviced by the experts before it’s too late

Air conditioning, just like any other technical equipment, works best when well-maintained and serviced. It’s often prudent to have your air conditioning installation checked and serviced by experts before the weather becomes too warm, but also at the end of the summer, to ensure the units are working effectively when next needed.

Check your energy bills to ensure the air conditioning is being used economically

When the office is exposed to an apparent heatwave, very few workers will consider the additional cost of using air conditioning. This is why it is vital to keep track of the energy usage by carefully checking utility bills to ensure value for money is being achieved.

Make sure you check the bills for running costs, but also be aware of the programmed running times. It’s often the case that workers may not be turning off the air conditioning when they leave the office, resulting in uneconomical usage. Where possible ensure that the timed programs are used to avoid the air conditioning being left on by accident.

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