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At Total Environmental Kooling we design and install all aspects of ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. We’ve worked on a huge range of projects from commercial offices, industrial units and manufacturing facilities to impressive domestic new build and refurbishment properties.

We work closely with the main contractor, architect and client to ensure optimum design and quality equipment whilst managing installation to budget and timetable.

Ventilation Capabilities

Our services include:

  • Design.
  • Site surveys.
  • Supply and installation of air handling units, rooftop package units, mechanical heat recovery, supply air systems, extract/ exhaust systems.
  • Supply and installation of all types of ducting including bespoke fabrications to suit all types of buildings.
  • Supply and installation of internal & external insulation.
  • Controls to suit customer’s needs.
  • Testing & commissioning.
  • Maintenance.

The importance of Ventilation to reduce COVID-19 cases

Despite passing the peak, it’s clear Covid-19 is not going to vanish overnight. Our focus and responsibility moving forwards must lie with learning to manage the virus whilst allowing people more freedom and businesses to remain open. This form of risk management is now considered by many to be a vital health and safety consideration for businesses.

A key part of these control measures is to undertake risk assessments, and an important consideration when it comes down to airborne transmissions is ventilation. A poorly ventilated room puts people at greater risk, and a ventilation system that maximises outdoor air supply is going to reduce the risk of spreading virus particles.

a man installing an office ventilation system

Correctly designed ventilation and air conditioning is also important to ensure that different environments within a building or office space can be supplied with their own fresh air supply, to minimise the risks of cross contamination.

For expert advice and an assessment of your current system, contact Total Environmental Kooling and ensure your system is helping the fight against the virus, not hindering it.

Other Advantages of Improved Ventilation for Business and Industry

Health and Safety

Especially in city centres, it’s common for the air quality inside office buildings to be worse than the air outside. This is because, when an effective ventilation system is not in place, pollutants, bacteria, allergens, and bad odours can become trapped and build up inside a confined space.

This can create an unpleasant environment for employees. It can also become a risk to their health as these conditions can cause headaches and respiratory issues, as well as worsening health problems such as asthma, allergies, and rashes. Mechanical ventilation can help to improve the air quality inside.

Air Regulation

There are many reasons you might want more control over how the air moves in and out of your building. Installing heating and cooling systems can create a more productive and comfortable environment for any employees. Stale, unmoving air without an effective airflow is also uncomfortable to breathe and may cause health issues over time.

Regulated ventilation systems may also remove the need for those occupying the building to open windows and doors, which can result in high-cost energy bills, depending on your heating system.


Damp and condensation often collects in poorly ventilated buildings. Over time, this can produce the conditions for damp and mould to take hold, which can cause irreparable damage your property and equipment.

Damp conditions can also create respiratory or allergy problems for those using the building.


Why Choose TEK

With many years’ experience in the air conditioning and ventilation industries, and the offering of bespoke close control and clean rooms, Total Environmental Kooling provides a professional design and installation service to domestic, commercial, industrial, public and private sector customers in Bristol and throughout the UK.

Total Environmental Kooling install and maintain a variety of systems but are an approved installer for Daikin, Mitsubishi, Stulz, ICS, Trox, Denco, Toshiba, Panasonic and LG.


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PLC Clients

We design and install air conditioning services to provide temperature controlled office, manufacturing and measurement facilities for several large plc clients.

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Heat Recovery

The latest advances in air conditioning means that heat recovery technology can now be designed into unitary air conditioning systems.

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Our Services

Air Conditioning Installation

Total Environmental Kooling are an established independent mechanical and electrical contracting company in Bristol offering a complete design, supply and installation service for air conditioning, climate control systems, ventilation and heat pumps.

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Servicing

We have an excellent maintenance team and provide full back up to all industrial and commercial clients including emergency air conditioning and climate control repairs, servicing, fault finding and regular planned maintenance visits.

R22 Replacement

Total Environmental Kooling carry out R22 site surveys and design and install R22 replacement solutions, in order to meet the ban on R22 refrigerant that was introduced in January 2015. We have the answers to your common queries on the legal requirements and implications on your business on our FAQ R22 page.

Bespoke Systems, Close Control, CMM, Thermal Rooms and Cleanrooms

We have extensive experience of designing and building Close Control, Cleanroom, Thermal rooms and CMM room facilities to very tight temperature and humidity control for many blue chip plc clients, including Rolls Royce plc and Renishaw plc. We can also improve existing facilities and retro fit systems to meet client requirements. We have carried out these projects in Bristol and Gloucester, the UK and worldwide.

Heating Systems

Total Environment Kooling Ltd provides services throughout the UK and overseas. We design, install, service and maintain systems for domestic, commercial and industrial sector.