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Designing split zone air conditioning

Getting the right air conditioning installation for your commercial premises is important, especially if you want value for money and wish to have a system that works highly efficiently. More and more businesses are looking at split zone air conditioning as the solution to help achieve this. Split zoning works well across a variety of commercial sectors from manufacturing and retail to hotel and general office.

With today’s ductless systems, it delivers reliable air conditioning quality without causing major disruption during the installation process.

What Is Split Zone Air Conditioning?

Split zone air conditioning allows you to adapt the temperature of each room to suit its needs, which means the temperature of a room can be regulated individually using a thermostat or even a remote control device. That means you can keep your main office area, for example, warm while changing the temperature in the board room for when it’s actually in use. If you run a hotel, you can lower the temperature in certain rooms that aren’t in use. The flexibility that comes with split zone air conditioning means that all types of business can tailor their heating to suit their exact needs.

Single zone air conditioning provides the same effect over the whole of your property – it’s the kind of system that’s suited to small operations where every square foot of space is utilised to the maximum.

How Does Split Zone Air Conditioning Work?

The latest multi-zone cooling and heating systems that we install have the added advantage that they are ductless which means they are easy to install and don’t have a major impact on the existing infrastructure. A single outdoor unit can be connected to up to five indoor ones to provide a complete interior air conditioning system in next to no time. Different styles and capacity of unit can be installed depending on the type of room or area that you are servicing and the temperature and air quality controlled to a high degree in each.

With the latest inverter technology from a top manufacturer like Daikin, you get a system that works well in both cold and hot locations around the world. It also gives you the opportunity to control humidity in your work space. All this makes it the ideal system for Bristol and UK businesses who are looking to have a better grip on their heating and ventilation.

What Are the Benefits of Zoned Cooling and Heating?

There are numerous benefits for having a zoned cooling and heating system that will benefit a variety of businesses. If you have a commercial kitchen area, for example, that requires a different operating temperature to, say, your central offices, you can easily control this with split zone air conditioning. You can adapt to changes in the normal temperature by automatically increasing the temperature or lowering it in specific locations where you have staff.

The key benefits are:

· Achieving precise temperature control throughout your business premises.

· The ability to customise comfort levels throughout the building, ideal for when the premises occupies both employees and visiting customers.

· Improving air quality whatever the time of year, reducing the stale air in the building.

· Better cost savings because you can more tightly control the heating and cooling in all parts of your business.

· Reduced carbon footprint, as you aren’t wasting energy on air conditioning in rooms that aren’t in use.

· An unobtrusive and easy to install system that is also simple to maintain.

TEK are Daikin approved installers, and can design a split zone system that works for your premises. So if you’re thinking of installing split zone air conditioning in Bristol or throughout the UK and would like a quote or more information, contact TEK today on 01179 523355 or use our contact form for a quick response.