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How does an air conditioning inverter work?

Traditional air conditioning systems regulate temperature by using a compressor, which sometimes works at maximum capacity and at other times is switched off completely. The basic purpose of an air conditioner inverter is to control the speed of the compressor motor to help regulate the conditioned-space temperature. This means that the power is automatically adjusted to suit your requirements rather than offering more or less cooling at various times.

Inverter-equipped air conditioners contain a variable-frequency drive, which controls the speed of the motor, and, as a result, the compressor and cooling output. The variable-frequency drive converts the incoming alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and uses pulse-width modulation to produce the desired AC frequency. As the speed of the induction motor is proportional to the AC frequency, the compressor is able to run at different speeds. A microcontroller can be used to test the ambient air temperature and adjust the speed of the compressor accordingly.

What are the main benefits of an air conditioning inverter?

1.A more comfortable environment

As the inverter continually adjusts its cooling and heating output to match the temperature of the room, comfort levels are likely to be better than with a traditional air conditioning system. Best of all, the inverter can be activated more quickly than a traditional system so the desired room temperature is achieved and maintained more quickly and accurately. This may simply mean that you feel more alert and comfortable, but it could also mean higher productivity in a work setting.

2.Greater energy-efficiency

While the additional electronics and system hardware can make inverter-based air conditioning systems more expensive than their traditional counterparts, they are much more energy-efficient. Energy consumption can be as much as 30% lower than with a traditional system because there is no stop-start mechanism. Therefore, it is likely that the initial outlay will quickly be offset by lower energy costs, and you will also be doing your bit for the environment.

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