Commercial Air Conditioning, Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

TEK design, install, maintain and repair high quality and cost-effective commercial air conditioning systems for customers throughout the UK.

We pride ourselves on our years of experience dealing with commercial air conditioning systems. By developing our tailored approach, we can deliver air conditioning systems to your commercial premises’ requirements and budget. As a D1+ Approved Installer, we can provide advanced technical support for the industry’s leading air conditioning manufacturer, Daikin. We’ve also been named an approved installer from other leading brands including Mitsubishi, Stulz, Trox, Denco, Toshiba and LG.

We understand the variety and scope of commercial premises and their requirements. You can be reassured that our professional team of engineers are experienced in commercial air conditioning, working on both new builds and refurbishment projects, to provide a consistently good service.

We appreciate that installing or maintaining AC systems can be disruptive to your business which is why we operate discretely, with minimum interference to the day to day running of your commercial property.

Our 5 year warranty, available on most of our AC systems, including a 7 year warranty on our Daikin products, guarantees a durable unit that will serve your commercial premises for years to come. We offer maintenance plans too, in order to ensure your air conditioning system is working as well as the day it was first installed.

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Our Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Our range of air conditioning systems cater to buildings of any size and use, including:

  • Basic split systems
    • Quad systems
    • VRV Heat Reclaim
    • R22 replacement
    • Central Plant
    • Air Handling Units
    • Gas Driven GHP - VRF Systems
    • Heat recovery wheels and exchangers
    • Chillers for fan coils and process applications
    • Evaporative cooling systems

To find out more about the available air conditioning systems and the best solution for your commercial premises, please get in touch.

Air Conditioning Zoning

Your cooling and heating requirements may differ depending on what part of the building is in question, which is why we recommend air conditioning zoning for commercial premises. Zoning allows you to have different temperature zones throughout your building, catering for perhaps a commercial kitchen to be maintained at a cooler temperature than the restaurant floor.

This allows you to create the perfect environment for your both employees and customers.

Air Conditioning with Inverter

Air conditioning units with an inverter enables even more regulated temperatures and improves comfort levels for your staff and customers. An inverter effectively adjusts to the temperature in the room and then maintains this temperature at an appropriate and sustained level. Having an inverter reduces the start-up time, enabling quick and efficient cooling in your commercial premises.

This type of cooling system is not only effective for customer satisfaction, but is an energy efficient way of keeping your commercial premises regulated. The temperature control is very precise, compared with old fashioned AC units with only an on or off function, which can reduce energy usage by roughly 30%.

Need a commercial air conditioning system to regulate the temperature and improve comfort for both customers and employees? Call TEK today on 01179 523355 or use our contact form for a quick response.