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Air conditioning zoning versus separate units

Achieving a comfortable temperature at your work premises can be tricky, especially if everyone has different requirements or you need specific temperatures in certain areas. For example, if you run a restaurant, you may want to keep the kitchen area cool but the office and dining room a little warmer.

There are two ways to achieve this differentiation in temperature. The first is to buy more than one air conditioning unit. The second is to opt for a multizone heating and cooling system. This guide will help you decide which option is right for you.

The benefits of using multiple cooling units

•Easy installation

Traditional air conditioning units are reasonably easy to install as there is very little complexity to them. As less equipment is needed for standard units and you won’t need such a complex duct system, the installation costs are likely to be lower.

•Simpler breakdown resolution

If one of your air con units fails, you will need to have it repaired, but the chances are your second unit will continue to operate in the meantime, so you will still have some cooling capacity. As traditional units have fewer parts, repair costs may be lower than with a multizone system.

The benefits of multizone cooling systems

•Greater customisation

With a multizone system, you can really tailor your heating and cooling to your specific needs, so that everyone is comfortable. Each zone will have its own thermostat, so you can adjust the temperature accordingly.

•Better energy-efficiency

Zoned heating and cooling is more energy-efficient, so you will be doing your bit for the environment and enjoying significant savings on your energy bills. If a particular area isn’t being used much you can really reduce your energy usage, increasing your potential utility savings.

•A more modern service

Most zoned systems come with a range of modern accessories such as remote controls, which be used from anywhere in the room in which the thermostat is located. These remote controls often include fan and humidity controls, depending on the complexity of the system.

•Reduced initial outlay

Installing a zoned unit may be more complex than adding two or more cooling units, but the initial outlay of buying one sophisticated system is likely to be lower than buying multiple units.

•Lower maintenance costs

You will only need to maintain one unit, so the costs should be significantly lower over time. If you schedule regular air conditioning maintenance, you should be able to put any potential problems right and replace any worn parts before any major problems arise.

Installing your cooling unit

While there are pros and cons to both options, the general consensus is that zoned heating and cooling offers much greater comfort levels and is more cost-effective in the long run. If you still have questions or concerns about air conditioning installation, talk to the experts at Total Environmental Kooling (TEK).

Our air conditioning specialists will help you decide which is the most suitable option for you and talk you through the installation process. We will ensure that you get the best possible solution for your commercial property, making all areas of the building as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible. Contact TEK for more information by calling us on 0117 952 3355 or fill in our contact form and we will reply shortly.