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How to Achieve an Effective Clean Room

Quality control is vital for many industries and organisations, particularly high-end manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and research labs. A clean room guarantees your processes will be free from contamination, but only if it works to acceptable tolerances. There are sever...

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The Advantages of Evaporative Cooling Systems

The basic process of evaporative cooling has actually been in use for thousands of years, although modern technology has now allowed us to bring the idea right up-to-date. The underlying principle is that by passing warm air over a medium containing liquid water you can...

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Save Money on Air Conditioning with an Inverter

Air conditioning is essential for many modern workplaces, but can use a lot of energy, making it relatively expensive to run. An inverter allows you to reduce the amount of energy your system uses and cut your bills without sacrificing comfort.

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Is It Better to Replace or Modify Your R22 Air Conditioning?

Since the beginning of 2015 it has been illegal to replace the R22 refrigerant used in older air conditioning systems. This is because R22 contains hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) which contribute to ozone depletion in the atmosphere causing serious environmental issue...

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Which Class of Close Control Room Does Your Business Need?

A close control room is designed to provide a strictly controlled environment for processes involved in research and manufacturing that can be compromised by variations in temperature and humidity. There are three main classes of close control room, each of which provides a different level of regulation over the conditions with...

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The Benefits of Heat Recovery Technology

Heat recovery technology can not only save you money and help cut your carbon footprint, it can also improve the air quality in your workplace creating a better environment for your employees. This technology is commonly used in kitchens, offices, factories, manufacturing and industrial plants and is rapidly b...

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