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How to prolong your machinery lifespan with the right temperature

How to prolong your machinery lifespan

Warehouses are generally large open spaces which results in complications when trying to maintain the perfect temperature all the time, especially as the seasons change. While this has an obvious impact on those who work in such locations, variations in temperature can also affect a wide range of machinery and adverse conditions can often contribute to shortening the lifespan of some of your most expensive assets.

In turn, this can put a greater financial stress on your company when you need to update your systems. It makes sense, therefore, to introduce a heating and cooling system that can be controlled to a high degree, even in such a large space, and at the same time help protect your machinery.

The Impact of Temperature Changes on Machinery

Most heavy machinery requires lubricants to keep the various parts working. In many cases, this can be affected as the temperature changes. If it’s too hot or too cold, vital components can be worn down because the lubricant isn’t able to do its job. That can lead to parts needing to be replaced more often.

Low temperatures can also particularly affect the tensile strength of materials that are used in a lot of engineering applications. It can make them more brittle, for instance, when they are colder and therefore make them likelier to break.

Any large space such as a workshop or production line needs to pay special attention to maintaining a suitable range of temperature. For these areas, the best solution is a tailored air conditioning installation that can allow businesses to keep a closer control of the environment, whatever the time of the year. This is especially important for companies that use large or complex machinery. Not only is air conditioning better at regulating the temperature all year round, it’s also generally a lot more cost effective than options such as gas heating, as well as being considerably greener.

The Benefits of Air Conditioning

· Air conditioning can be closely tailored to individual locations with zoning, which means you have a better fit for your heating and cooling needs.

· That means you can better keep your warehouse cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, at the same time keeping machinery and products within production areas at a constant temperature.

· AC is generally much quieter than gas heating, particularly in large, open locations like warehouses. That means you don’t have to worry about additional noise that may impact on employee health and safety.

· Heating large spaces can prove very expensive and air conditioning has been proven to either be better or at least equivalent to traditional gas heating.

Why Choose TEK?

Total Environmental Kooling is a Bristol based air conditioning installation company that operates throughout the UK. We are focused on delivering heating and cooling solutions for a wide range of commercial clients including warehouses. Our experienced teams can help with any stage of the AC installation process from initial design through to construction and subsequent maintenance.

If your business is looking for tight temperature control, we have a huge amount of experience delivering everything from commercial and industrial air conditioning as well as close control rooms.

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