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Should I get a maintenance contract with my air conditioning company?

Making sure your system is regularly maintained not only keeps it in top condition but can actually reduce the cost and potential of emergency repairs.

At Total Environmental Kooling, we provide many commercial customers across Bristol and the surrounding area with high class maintenance that does just that. ensuring your air conditioning works to its full potential, whether it’s a new system or an older one, helps to lower your carbon footprint – something that’s vital now more than ever for businesses of all types.

Who benefits from an air conditioning maintenance contract?

We handle air conditioning maintenance for a wide range of businesses across all industries. that includes a host of offices, warehouses, manufacturing business and industrial complexes. the type of air conditioning installation we provide services for, range from small and discreet office systems to the large and complex multizone products for big corporations.

While we’ve installed units for many of the companies we provide maintenance contracts for, we also work with other companies that already have their own system in place.

How often should you have an air conditioning service?

You should have a regular maintenance regime in place, whatever the size or age of your air conditioning. that should take place once every 6-12 months at least, often before warm weather is expected, if you want your ac system to remain in a good state of repair.

The benefits of working with a regular contractor

There are several advantages of working with a regular contractor when it comes to maintenance, whether they installed your system in the first place or not. first, it means you have a regular contact should anything go wrong with your air conditioning and can expect a more immediate response.

The contractor will also know your air conditioning which means, when they turn up at your office or warehouse, they’re not starting from scratch. choose the right firm and you should expect the maintenance to always be carried out by highly qualified staff – you only have to do your research and vetting procedure once, that’s when you choose the company you want to work with in the first place.

Working with an air conditioning company under a maintenance contract takes the pressure off your own staff. The ac company will schedule maintenance and ensure all the bases are covered so you can just get on with running your company. they also keep up to date with the latest health and safety regulations as well as advances in technology.

Maintenance contracts with tek

At Total Environmental Kooling, we understand that everyone’s requirements are different. our aim is to provide a maintenance contract that is tailored specifically to your needs. we have the fully qualified and experienced engineers on board who are used to dealing with a wide array of different makes and models when it comes to air conditioning.

That means you can always expect a high level of performance. starting a maintenance contract, above all, helps to ensure that you are not faced with a sudden failure of your air conditioning and that it continues to run with optimum performance. that can help lower your energy usage and keep your work environment comfortable for both staff and visitors.

If you would like to get in contact with a professional about how to increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioning and how it can benefit you, or to find out more about air conditioning maintenance in Bristol, then get in touch by calling us on 0117 9523355 or by contacting us here.