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Signs it could be time to get your Commercial Air Conditioning serviced

Over time, every mechanical appliance or installation needs to be inspected to ensure it is working to its full capacity.  In the same way that residential boilers and central heating systems benefit from an annual service, commercial air conditioning units also require ongoing inspections at regular intervals.

If you think your commercial air conditioning in Bristol could be due a service, watch out for these warning signs of a drop-in efficiency:

  1. The air is not getting as cold as it used to

If you air conditioning vents are no longer blowing cold air, chances are there is something not working properly somewhere in the system.  This could be the result of low refrigerant levels, a broken compressor or even simply filters that need cleaning or replacing.

  1. The airflow is restricted

If you are not getting as much cool air from your vents as you normally do, it could be that the compressor is compromised, the duct work needs repair, or that the vents themselves have become blocked or damaged.

  1. You have found a physical leak

If you have identified excess moisture around your air conditioning unit, or there are large pools of water that can be seen, you should look to have the issue addressed straight away.  Leaking coolant can pose a risk to health and excessive water leaks can damage floors, ceilings and furnishings.

  1. Your air conditioning is very noisy

If you can hear a grinding sound coming from the air conditioning system, or you have recently noticed rattling, banging or squeaking noises, you should turn the system off and call in the experts.  Unusual noises can be a sign of a belt slipping out of place or broken motor bearings.  These kind of repairs can become very expensive if they are not addressed immediately and more damage occurs to the unit.

  1. The thermostat isn’t working correctly

Whilst not a part of the main air conditioning system itself, thermostats can also fail and prevent your air con from working properly. If specific areas or zones are feeling noticeably warmer than others, you should call in a professional to check over your thermostat for failures.

Sometimes a service is just not enough…

If you have an outdated air conditioning system that is more than 10-15 years old, or one that constantly seems to breaking down on you, it may be more cost effective to consider the installation of a new air conditioner.

Modern air conditioning systems are energy-efficient and incredibly effective at keeping workspaces cool and comfortable together with providing heating in the winter, to maintain perfect temperatures year round.

Commercial Air Conditioning in Bristol from Total Environment Kooling

If your air conditioning system is exhibiting any of the signs above, our professional and highly experienced air conditioning engineers can carry out a full service for your peace of mind.

We can undertake repair work and replace broken or aged components to ensure that your office, retail unit, warehouse of other commercial premises maintains an optimal temperature at all times.

Contact us and speak to our helpful and friendly team today on 0117 952 3355 to find out more.