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What Happens During an Air Conditioning Maintenance Check?

Having your air conditioning properly tested and maintained on a regular basis is very important as it helps to keep it running effectively. This saves you money in the short term by ensuring that your system operates at peak efficiency, so isn’t wasting energy. It also saves money in the long term by preventing breakdowns which can be costly to repair.

When an engineer carries out a maintenance check on your air conditioning, there are a number of things they will need to inspect. By having an understanding of some of the basic areas that need checking, you can be more confident that your engineer is doing a good and thorough job!

Conditioning unit

The central conditioning unit contains a variety of components which, if not properly maintained, can cause your air conditioning to work less efficiently or fail completely. A maintenance engineer should check, clean, lubricate and adjust the various components such as the coils, condensate drain and blower components to help keep everything running as designed.


Over time the refrigerant gas used to cool the air in your system can tend to leak out. This is not usually a major cause for concern, but it will need to be topped up. If your refrigerant levels become too low, your system will be less efficient, meaning you need to use more energy to achieve the same level of cooling. This wastes money so your refrigerant levels should be checked regularly and the gas topped up if necessary.


Many issues with poor temperature performance are due to problems with thermostats. It is therefore vital that you have yours checked as a faulty thermostat can reduce comfort by causing air to be too hot or too cold. It can also waste money by making your system carry out unnecessary cooling.


Faulty ductwork can result in temperature fluctuations due to air leaking out in the wrong places and can waste money by forcing the system to overcompensate by producing even more cooled air. Checking for and fixing leaks and blockages in the ductwork ensure that your conditioned air only goes where you need want it to, allowing you better control over your environment.

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