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Installing an air conditioning system in your house: What you need to know

Installing an air conditioning system

The Summer of 2018 was the joint hottest on record together with 2006, 2003 and 1976. According to the Government’s climate predictions for Britain over the next decade, we could see many more scorching summers on the horizon. With the mercury hitting sweltering temperatures on a more regular basis, many UK homeowners are considering having air conditioning installed in their homes.

Domestic air conditioning

Residential air conditioning is very common in warmer climates, and there are many ways of achieving a constant flow of cool air around your home as and when you need it most. With the demand for home air conditioning in the UK increasing, here is our guide to what to consider when choosing residential air conditioning in the UK.

Domestic Air Conditioning Options

In order to be able to successfully keep your home nice and cool, you need to make sure you choose the right system to suit the size and build of your home.

Portable Units

If you are only looking for occasional cooling that can easily be moved around the home, a single portable evaporating cooler or portable air conditioner might provide the right cooling solution for you.  Be aware though, that these appliances can be expensive to run, noisy and not very effective if the humidity levels are high.

Refrigerant Based Air Conditioning Units

Installed systems usually contain an outdoor unit with a fan that is connected to an indoor unit via insulated pipes that contain refrigerant.  The system could consist of a high wall unit, a low wall unit that looks like a radiator, a ceiling cassette or a slim ducted unit like the ones you are likely to see in hotels.

Air To Air Systems

The third option for homeowners looking to keep the air cool is the installation of an air to air system.  Simply put, these can heat or cool a room depending on your individual needs, and while they are not technically air conditioners, they can help to lower the temperature in the room.

How Long Will It Take to Install?

The accurate answer to this will depend on the type of air conditioning system you choose to have installed, and the number of rooms you are planning to have it in.  As a rough idea, a wall mounted device takes around a day to fully install, including cutting through the wall, fixing the unit to the wall and installing the outside unit. Any ductwork (depending on your system choice) will take longer, and you should allow at least 1-2 days for every unit you need installed.

Keep Your Home Air Conditioning Unit Working with Regular Maintenance

With permanent air conditioning units, both the evaporator and the condenser will need some form of maintenance over time.  Soiled filters or blocked/dirty coils can dramatically reduce the air flow from your unit, which is why maintenance to clean the filters, the coils and the drainage system must be carried out on a regular basis.

Residential Air Conditioning Systems from Total Environmental Kooling

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