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Category: Cleanroom

Keeping a Retail Space Cool: Enhancing Comfort and Efficiency 

Maintaining a cool and comfortable environment in your retail space is crucial for both your customers and employees. As the summer heat rolls in, ensuring that your brick-and-mortar store remains cool becomes a top priority.   In this blog post, we...

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Does Air Con Use Coolant? 

We get asked frequently if air conditioning units use coolant, or if coolant is the same thing as refrigerant.   If you use the broad definition of coolant as a liquid or gas which is used to absorb heat from a system, you could consider refrigerant...

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Maintaining a temperature and humidity-controlled room 

Maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity levels in a room is critical for industries that require a clean and controlled environment.   In this blog post, we'll explore why temperature and humidity control is so crucial, factors that affect te...

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Do commercial landlords have to provide heating?

If you’re renting out or planning to rent out a commercial properly, it’s important to fully understand your responsibilities in terms of heating and other energy considerations. As a landlord, you will want to know the details of the type and efficiency of the heating you are expected to provide. It may a...

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What Is A CMM Room?

In the world of manufacturing and quality control, having accurate measurements is crucial. That's where Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) come in. A CMM room is a specialised space that houses these machines, allowing for precise measurements and quality control of manufactured parts and products.   In this article,...

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How Does a Specialist Room Meet the Standards of ISO 17025?

Many types of businesses require specialist rooms that meet ISO 17025 standards. If your organisation requires a space that meets close control and cleanroom standards, you need to be sure that the specialist room building service that you use is able to meet the necessary standards to remain compliant w...

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