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How to Achieve Effective Airflow for Cleanrooms

One of the key elements of designing and maintaining an effective clean room is airflow. Any particulate matter in the air of your cleanroom needs to be caught by filters, removing the risk of potential contamination. Good airflow is needed to...

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What Happens During an Air Conditioning Maintenance Check?

Having your air conditioning properly tested and maintained on a regular basis is very important as it helps to keep it running effectively. This saves you money in the short term by ensuring that your system operates at peak efficiency, so isn’t wasting energy. It also saves money in the long term by preventing breakdowns whi...

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Total Environmental Kooling is Now a Daikin D1+ Approved Installer

TEK has recently been awarded D1+ Approved Installer status by market-leaders Daikin Air Conditioning. As one of the best-known brands in air conditioning, Daikin’s endorsement is something we’re very proud of here at TEK, especially as it now allows us to offer an even better service for our customers.

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How Climate Control Can Help Decarbonise Your Business

Climate control can be really beneficial for improving energy efficiency in your work environment. By improving energy efficiency, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money for your business. How climate control works Climate control i...

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