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How Climate Control Can Help Decarbonise Your Business

Climate control can be really beneficial for improving energy efficiency in your work environment. By improving energy efficiency, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money for your business.

How climate control works

Climate control is about striking the right temperature balance in the workplace, with minimal use of air conditioning. Before you install climate control, you may want to monitor the heating and cooling requirements of the building to establish the general use of air conditioning and heating.

Interior climate

With climate control, you set a temperature that you want the room to be regulated at, and sensors detect the current temperature. Essentially acting as intelligent air con, the sensors vary the air conditioning output to maintain this set temperature. With careful blending of cold and warm air, the temperature in your office can be much more precisely regulated than standard air conditioning.

Less power

Because the climate control is regulated to one set temperature, it only uses the air conditioning system when it is needed. This means climate control consumes less power than traditional air con which stays on until you turn it off. By consuming less power, the climate control is helping to decarbonise the workplace. This can also help cut down on your energy bills, saving you money.

Economy setting

You can limit energy waste further still, with an economy setting. This restricts the climate control unit to use the absolute minimal amount of air conditioning to regulate the temperature. With the economy setting, energy usage is further reduced as is your carbon footprint and energy bills.

A climate control system genuinely helps to decarbonise your business, and reduces the amount of wasted energy. For more information on climate control and air conditioning installation, you can call TEK on 0117 95233 55 or you can contact us online and we will get back to you.