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Which Class of Close Control Room Does Your Business Need?

A close control room is designed to provide a strictly controlled environment for processes involved in research and manufacturing that can be compromised by variations in temperature and humidity. There are three main classes of close control room, each of which provides a different level of regulation over the conditions within. Which class of control room you need will depend on the exact processes undertaken within your organisations.

Class 1 control rooms

Providing the highest level of temperature and humidity control, a Class 1 close control room will achieve a minimum temperature in the range of 20°C + or – 1 degree and a relative humidity of less than 55%.

A Class 1 room will comply with the ISO 17025 standard and ensure the ideal environment for high end dimensional calibration and precision measurements. This type of close control rooms is commonly used in many industries, including automotive, aerospace and engineering.

Class 2 control rooms

A class 2 close control room is designed to achieve a temperature range of 20°C + or – 2 degrees and RH of less than 55%. However, as a general rule at TEK we still aim for a tolerance of + or – 1 degree for class 2 control rooms to ensure confidence in the level of environmental control provided.

Class 2 Rooms are commonly used by engineering companies for carrying out precision measurements and calibrations and are the generally accepted standard for housing precision measuring equipment.

Class 3 control rooms

Class 3 close control rooms are suitable for applications where a temperature range of 20°C with a tolerance of + or – 4 degrees and no set humidity are required. This is usually the case when carrying out electrical and certain mechanical calibrations including torque, pressure and temperature. In practice we usually achieve significantly better tolerance than the + or – 4 degrees required when constructing class 3 close control rooms.

TEK are leading specialists in close control room installation operating throughout the UK. Whatever the requirements of your organisation, we can build a close control room to meet your desired specification.

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