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What Is The Difference Between Basic Split And Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems?

Difference between basic split and multi split air conditioning systems

Split air conditioning systems are two separate parts that are connected to each other. There is an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, with the outdoor unit usually situated next to the building and the indoor unit inside but close to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit consists of a fan condenser and compressor, allowing airflow through a refrigerant line into outdoor air space. The indoor unit consists of a fan and an evaporator and allows airflow to flow to and from the outdoor unit.

Basic Split Air Conditioning Systems

Basic split air conditioning systems usually consist of only an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The indoor unit will usually have an air filter with a cooling coil and a long blower. Basic split systems are commonly used in areas where you would only need one room in the building to be cooled.

Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems

Multi split air conditioning systems are the same as basic split air conditioning systems and have the same equipment. However, they extend through multiple air conditioning units so it can be applied to further areas or rooms in the building. Multiple indoor units with one outdoor unit means you can have different sized indoor units for different areas of a building, allowing for more precise controls. These are commonly used within office buildings or commercial premises where air conditioning is required in different parts of the building which different heating or cooling requirements.

What Is Best For You?

When deciding which air conditioning system is going to be best for you, make sure you have taken into account the building you are going to be applying it to. A larger business will likely benefit from the versatility of a multi split system, for a comprehensive air conditioning system. Whereas a small single zone interior may only need the one basic split AC unit to satisfy the cooling requirements.

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