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Open windows Vs Air conditioning: How to maintain a cool office in the Summer

Open windows vs air conditioner

Air conditioning can maintain that cool, refreshing temperature within the confines of your office or home; however, many of us will make the mistake of opening the windows to improve air flow circulation. This will not only allow hot air inside but will likely reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioning, making your office warmer and heightening your energy bills.

Here are a few ways you can counteract the warm summer air and keep your business costs low.

Ensure your windows are closed

Air conditioning works by moving cool air outwards in an open space, in this case, an office environment. Therefore, the bigger the office, the further the cool air produced by air conditioning must travel.

The ‘opening windows’ to cool down faster myth actually makes the situation far worse, as it puts the air conditioning under further strain. The air conditioning must work harder for longer to combat the incoming warm air, meanwhile the temperature inside the room will remain inconsistent.

Instead, it is better to keep the temperature variation and the air flow in and around a room constant. This can be helped by closing all the windows, so that the air conditioning unit can focus on the battle ahead.


Check your workspace

In addition to closing the office windows, further assistance to the air conditioning can be achieved by checking the space for leaks of air. Make sure the room is well insulated to help maintain the temperature by preventing the hot air coming in, and the cold air escaping.

In summary:

  • Keep the windows shut, closing the doors regulates the air flow to a more constant state.
  • Check for draughts below the door or gaps in the window panels.
  • Ensure the premises is well insulated and keeps the temperature at a constant level.

This is important to consider as it may prove expensive in electricity costs.

Examine your air conditioner

  It pays to ensure that your AC system is functioning to full capacity before the warm weather arrives. Ensure the air conditioner is correctly maintained, within guarantee, and operating correctly across all temperature ranges and applications. The most common fault with conditioning units is blockages or build ups within the air filters.

It is advised to have regular 6-month maintenance checks to ensure the lifespan of your air conditioning. The less effective it becomes, the higher your energy costs will be.


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