TEK design, install, maintain and repair high quality office air conditioning systems for customers throughout the UK from our premises in Bristol.

We use only the very best quality systems and are D1+ Approved Installers for the industry’s leading manufacturer Daikin, allowing us to offer enhanced support for their products. We are also approved installers for leading brands Mitsubishi, Stulz, Trox, Denco, Toshiba and LG. However, as a manufacturer independent company, we will always recommend the best air conditioning systems for your needs and budget.

Our team regularly work on both new builds and refurbishment projects and have the expertise to design effective systems for a range of building types. We also have many years’ experience installing air conditioning into working offices, so know the best ways to plan a project from start to finish for the least possible disruption to your business and workforce.

We offer a 5 year warranty on most of our systems, including a 7 year warranty on our Daikin and LG products, as well as maintenance plans to help keep your office air conditioning in top condition for years to come.

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Our Office Air Conditioning Systems

We offer an extensive range of air conditioning systems suitable for a wide variety of building types and uses, including:
• Basic split systems
• Multi systems
• VRV Heat Reclaim/Heat Pump
• R22 replacement
• Central Plant
• Air Handling Units
• Gas Driven GHP - VRF Systems
• Heat recovery wheels and exchangers
• Chillers for fan coils and process applications
• Evaporative cooling systems

To find out more, including the most suitable system to match your building and budget, please get in touch.

Air Conditioning Zoning

For many business, different parts of their premises need to be kept at different temperatures, for example, a computer server room needs to be colder than an office. If your building contains warehouse, factory or laboratory space as well as offices, these are also likely to have different heating or cooling requirements.

Air conditioning zoning allows you to have different temperature zones throughout your building that are cooled independently of each other. This means you can easily achieve different temperatures for different spaces as required and compensate effectively for areas in your premises that are natural hotter or cooler than the rest.

Energy Efficient Office Air Conditioning

Modern air conditioning systems are far more energy efficient than most older models. As well as improved compressor technology and superior refrigerants that provide effective cooling using less energy, there are a number of innovations that can help cut your carbon footprint.

Air conditioning zoning allows you to only provide exactly as much cooling as is required in each area, instead of overcooling in some areas to achieve a comfortable temperature in hotter areas.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems allow very precise control over the exact level of cooling being delivered at any one moment, as opposed to old fashioned systems which are either on or off. This allows your air conditioning to constantly maintain your building at a stable, comfortable temperature by making minor adjustments to compensate for any fluctuations, using less energy in the process.

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