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How to get the best ventilation for your industrial or commercial space

the best ventilation for industrial space

Whether it’s an office, warehouse, or retail space, it is important to know how to effectively ventilate your industrial and commercial facilities. This will ensure optimal comfort for your employees and customers and provide the most cost efficient solution for your business.

Here are a few ways your air conditioning can help ventilate your industrial space.

High functioning air conditioning

To receive optimum ventilation, your air conditioning equipment must meet certain requirements. It must be designed and installed to suit the business’s needs and to specification, and be reliable enough to function efficiently for the business lifecycle.

This will ensure the optimal solutions are selected when it comes to air conditioning for commercial premises.

Find the most cost-effective services available

On the market, there is a wide variety of cost efficient air conditioning services which can be tailored to suit any size or function of a commercial building. These include:

  • R22 replacement – This ensures a more efficient system and reduce energy bills.
  • Air Handling Units – System to regulate heating and ventilation.
  • VRV Heat Reclaim – A heat recovery system which reuses heat stored in workspaces.
  • Quad systems – Cost effective, multifunctioning service.
  • Heat recovery wheels and exchangers – A machine which recovers heat energy.
  • Central Plant – Efficient maintenance in cooling large office spaces and buildings.
  • Chillers for fan coils and process applications – Cooling air through heat pumps.
  • Evaporative cooling systems – Cooling air through vaporization.


Energy efficient air conditioning

Air Conditioning Zoning may also be an applicable solution for some commercial premises, especially in buildings which require different temperatures in specific rooms and areas within the building. This can be a more practical and economical solution.

Inverters can also be incorporated into air conditioning systems, which provides quicker and more reliable temperature control. Rather than have an ‘on-off’ switch as older AC units may have, Inverters have greater temperature accuracy, otherwise called climate control systems, which can reduce energy use by up to 30%.


Trust in your air conditioning maintenance service

It is important to ensure that you carry out regular air conditioning maintenance to make sure that your systems continue to perform as required.  A regular maintenance plan will ensure that your manufacturers warranties will be upheld and provide you with a great service.

TEK aim to work with minimal disruption to your business and can meet your budgets and performance needs of your business, delivering services which will save you money on external costs in the long-term.

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