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How TEK will design the right air conditioning system for you

Some air conditioning and ventilation providers offer a generic range for their customers, but at Total Environmental Kooling (TEK) we pride ourselves on providing bespoke heating and cooling solutions. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their unique needs are met, whether they are domestic, commercial, industrial, public or private sector customers. Our aim is always to give our customers a system that consistently performs well and is built to last.

We design small and large-scale air conditioning and climate control systems that provide excellent functionality and are easy to use. Once the customer has approved the design we will install the heating and cooling unit with minimal inconvenience and at a competitive price. We also specialise in providing bespoke systems for specific industries, such as close control rooms, CMM rooms and cleanrooms.

How we have helped other clients

1.Renishaw (Gloucestershire)

We installed air conditioning units from Daikin UK at Renishaw’s newly built, two-storey innovation centre. As a research and development company, Renishaw needed an environment that would be comfortable for its staff but that would also support precise testing conditions. The systems installed – Daikin VRV systems, Daikin chillers, a 44.7kW Daikin Rooftop unit and Daikin Sky Air split systems – were installed by a team of 20 highly qualified TEK engineers and provide excellent functionality.

2.Trescal (Derby)

Having relocated to a new facility, Trescal needed two new high-accuracy calibration rooms. An expert in the field of high-end dimensional calibration and measurement, Trescal’s specifications were very precise as sensitive measuring equipment was to be used and the work needed to be uninterrupted. TEK was able to provide a complete solution for the new facility that allowed temperature and humidity to be controlled at 20°c+/-1°c, with relative humidity at no more than 55%.

3.Multicoat Print (Bristol)

Printing services provider, Multicoat Print, called TEK in to help provide cooling services for its office and printing machine. We met with the company to discuss their needs and to work out how much space was available, calculating the necessary heat gains and cooling loads to make the solution effective. Two of our experienced engineers installed wall-mounted split systems to provide maximum efficiency and air distribution. We installed all of the pipework needed and mounted the condensing unit so that maintenance could be carried out easily.

Call us to discuss your heating and cooling needs

The three clients listed above – and countless others – have been extremely happy with the customised solutions we have designed and installed, and we can offer you this same service. Working closely with you, we will install the best system to fit the needs of your business, however complex they might be.

TEK is based in Bristol, but we have clients across the UK and also operate internationally. We can assist you from the initial design phase right through to air conditioning installation and aftercare. It might be that you already have an idea in mind and need help, or perhaps your existing system needs updating or has stopped performing well. Whatever your heating and cooling needs, give TEK a call and we will be happy to help.

You can contact us by calling 0117 952 3355 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.