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How to increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioning

Increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioning

Increasing the energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit can help to reduce your annual energy expenditure. This can also help your business become more eco- friendly by running a more efficient air conditioning unit, working to decrease the size of your carbon footprint.

How efficient is your current unit?

The age and efficiency of your existing unit can determine how much scope there is for energy saving. To find out how efficient your current unit is, you must check your Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating “SEER” or energy consumption. You can find a SEER rating on each model supplied since 2013 and it can determine how efficient your unit may be. Before you select any new air conditioning unit, be sure to check your current SEER rating and bear that in mind when looking for a new one. For example, if your current unit has a SEER of 2.5 then upgrading to a unit with a 6.5 SEER rating is going to be very beneficial for you.

Eco-friendly changes you can make

You can make simple changes to your current premises which will affect how efficient your unit will be. Searching for areas where air is escaping will help you identify where energy is being lost in your commercial premises. Air escaping is one of the most common problems, and can put your air conditioning unit into overdrive, wasting energy. During hot weather, ensure that you have blinds or curtains up so the sunlight doesn’t generate excess heat inside your business premises.

Cleaning and clearing

As obvious as it sounds, blocked filters can be one of the biggest issues around air conditioning units, making cleaning and removing any obstructions very important. Cleaning the air conditioning unit can generate increased air flow through both units and will clear out any dust that may have collated. The outside unit can often become blocked, which can lead to decreased air flow and lower efficiency. Making sure your business has a regular maintenance contract for your air conditioning systems will prevent these problems arising.

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