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How often should you change an air conditioning filter?


TEK technician removing air conditioning filter

Air filters play an important role in an air conditioning unit, ensuring that your system operates effectively to keep your commercial premises cool. Keeping your filters clean and clear of dirt and dust is a basic air conditioning maintenance task to keep efficiency levels high and temperatures low. But even with regular cleaning, you may need to change them entirely.

Do I need to change my filters?

In your average commercial or industrial premises, your air filters collect dust which can create blockages or decreased air flow which creates more work for your air conditioning unit. When your air conditioning unit is blocked or has decreased airflow, this will affect how efficiently it can run and can lead to increased energy bills.

The Benefits of Clean Filters

In order to make the most out of your air conditioning unit, it’s important to ensure that regular maintenance is carried out but what are the benefits of clean filters?

Improved Air Quality

Your air conditioning system will circulate air around the building. To do this efficiently, all parts and components will have to be in the best condition. A damaged or faulty part can cause the system to become ineffective. Contaminants such as dust, pollen and dander can clog up the air filter over time, and this means the contaminants can also be circulated back into the building which highlights the importance of a clean air filter.

Long Lasting System

Through regular cleaning, it will mean that the system is maintained correctly and that can lead to parts lasting longer. The system will work efficiently and smoothly, and this is why cleaning the air filter is one job that can make a difference.

Lower Energy Costs

If your system is maintained correctly and kept clean, it will mean that it can run efficiently. Therefore, the system will not have to work hard and so; this will reduce energy costs and bills.

What type of filters are right for me?

Your working environment, budget and the usage of your air conditioning system are all factors that need to be taken into account when choosing your filters. As for the cheapest filters, like the economy panel filters, they are the least efficient and will need replacing frequently so may not be effective for saving money.

The most expensive filters are HEPA filters which are extremely efficient. These types of HEPA filters may be required in your system depending on the environmental conditions and usage of your room. Alternatively, a higher grade panel filter or an electrostatic filter which is somewhere in the middle, can be chosen which can sometimes be washed and reused.

How often do I need to change my filters?

You should commonly clean your air filters once a month, although this can vary depending on your situation. The weather can also affect when you should change your filters, due to high pollen or dust levels at certain times of the year. It is important to bear in mind the quality of your filter as the lower the quality, the more frequently it would need to be changed /checked.

How to clean your air filters?

Regular cleaning of your air filters will keep ensuring that your system is performing at its best. To clean the air filters following the instructions below.

Step 1: Turn the air conditioning unit off and open the air conditioner to locate the air filters before removing them.

technician turning off air conditioner to clean filters

Step 2: When removing your filters, inspect them for any signs of damage. If there are any tears or snags, replace them as they are no longer suitable for the job.

ac technician removing dirty air conditioner filters

Step 3: Using a vacuum cleaner, clean the filters to remove any dirt and grime. Spend time doing this so that you get the best results but be careful, as you do not want to damage the filter, resulting in a replacement being required.

ac technician vacuuming air conditioner filters

Step 4: Using a basin filled with water and washing liquid, soak the filters so that they are fully submerged. The liquid will remove any bacteria and dirt in those hard to reach areas.

technician soaking ac filters

Step 5: Allow the filters to soak for several hours but the time depends on how dirty they actually are.

Step 6: Remove the filters from the liquid and ensure that all of the liquid has drained off. Do not rinse them as this will reverse the work done through sanitising them. Then place them on a towel so that any liquid is absorbed.

Step 7: The filters will need to dry naturally on the towel so leave them in a place that is warm so that they can dry quickly.

Step 8: Now put the filters back in place and ensure that the air conditioning unit is closed back up.

ac technician removing air conditioner filters

Air Conditioning Maintenance from Total Environmental Kooling

There is no doubt that maintenance is crucial to the efficiency and longevity of your system. Any air conditioning installation will, over time, have to be maintained so that it continues to cool your property in the way that you expect.

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