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What Is A HEPA Filter?

Hepa filter

For cleanrooms and environments where precise filtration is vital, HEPA filters are commonly used. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance and they are one of the most efficient filters available, with a 99.7% accuracy at collecting air particles and keeping air quality high.

How do they work?

HEPA filters trap particles including tobacco smoke, pollen, dust mites and air pollution using finite fibres in a mesh-like arrangement typically between 0.5 and 2.0 micrometres thick. When air pollutants pass through the mesh, they are caught and remain within the filter to keep the surrounding air on the other side clean.

What are they used for?

By preventing most air pollutants from entering a given space, HEPA filters are used in several home environments such as vacuum cleaners or air purifiers, and can benefit people who suffer from allergies due to their ability to consistently keep air quality high.

HEPA filters are also commonly used in cleanroom facilities with ISO Class 5 to ISO Class 8 such as research facilities, medicine, and microtechnology where airborne particulate matter can contaminate processes and procedures within. Class of HEPA filtration ranges from E10 to U17 and are tested by their capability to contain the most penetrating particle size, or MPPS. U17 is the most effective filter class, with the ability to collect 99.999995% of MPPS.

What are the disadvantages?

Being one of the most efficient filters available, HEPA filters do come at a cost. It’s also important to clean the filters regularly to ensure optimum filtration and effectiveness. Replacing the filters annually will avoid faults and keep air filtration at its most effective, as well as prevent your warranty being void. Where even more finite filtration is required, such as for ISO Class 4 to ISO Class 1 cleanrooms, a ULPA filter will be more effective so do consider your exact requirements before purchasing a filter.

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