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Why do leisure facilities need air conditioning?

Leisure facilities are designed to help us keep fit, be entertained or simply...

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Signs it could be time to get your Commercial Air Conditioning serviced

Over time, every mechanical appliance or installation needs to be inspected to ensure it is working to its full capacity.  In the same way that residential boilers and central heating systems benefit from an annual service, commercial air conditioning units also require ongoing inspections at regular intervals. If you think you...

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Why its a good idea to get an AC tune up now

To ensure that your air conditioning is always working as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, it is...

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How to plan heating for retail premises

Not only do retail premises need to look well organised and inviting in order to ensure a good amount of foo...

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Installing an air conditioning system in your house: What you need to know

The Summer of 2018 was the

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Domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning: what are the main differences?

Installing air conditioning ensures t...

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