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Why its a good idea to get an AC tune up now

get an AC tune up

To ensure that your air conditioning is always working as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, it is importantthat it undergoes regular maintenance.  Having a tune up during the winter months, is an excellent way to ensure that your air conditioning system is ready for action come the summer.

What Happens During A Tune Up?

A qualified engineer will undertake an inspection of your air conditioning system to ensure it is working and identify any components that would benefit from being changed, repaired or upgraded. They will also clean the condenser coils, check the refrigerantlevels and clean and tighten electrical connections.

How Far Apart Should Maintenance Inspections Be?

It is recommended that your commercial air conditioning system is inspected at least once a year if not sooner.  Regular inspections can help to ensure that your air conditioning works perfectly for many years to come.

Depending on how extensively your air conditioning system is used, and how long for, will also make a difference in how often you should have it looked at. If they are in a high use area, you may need to consider having the units serviced up to 4 times a year.

There are also other reasons why you consider regular inspections and tune ups:

Regular Inspections Save You Time And Money

Having a qualified and professional team inspect your air conditioning on a regular basis will help you to identify common problems and have them addressed before they become bigger, more expensive issues to deal with.

Changing filters, fixing and replacing faulty components, ensuring ductwork is fixed and that controls are fully functioning will prevent further mechanical failures that could render your air conditioning out of service for some time, until parts of the system can be replaced or repaired.

Choose Your Timing

Here in the UK, we usually only think about air conditioning in the warmer, summer months. Leaving your air conditioning service and maintenance until the sun starts to shine will see your technicians being potentially very busy as well as parts harder to get hold of.

Booking your service and air conditioning maintenance inspections during the winter months is a great way to have your AC system in top notch condition once the warmer weather finally arrives.

Spend Now To Save Money

Paying for the repair or replacement of minor components will save you money in the long run.  If you leave small problems of minor irritations unresolved, you could see larger componentsfail that could cost you a lot more in time and repairs in the future.

Keep Your Warranty Valid

Keeping your air conditioning routinely maintained is also a vital obligation of your manufacturers warranty.  Failing to do so could invalidate your warranty.  With many manufacturers offers between 5 – 7 years of aftercare and service, losing these benefits for the sake of an annual inspectionwould be a mistake.

Air Conditioning Maintenance From Total Environmental Kooling

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