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Why Is Your Air Conditioning Leaking?

The Different Components of an Air Conditioning System

An air conditioning system consists of a number of different components. In the same way as any other mechanical system, if any of those parts fail the whole system can fail. An air conditioning system can leak at any time but what causes the system to leak?

Overflowing Drain Pan

A common problem that results in a leak is an overflowing drain pan. If the drain pan of your air conditioning system is full, then it could mean that your drain pipe is clogged. Inside the refrigerant coils, the conditions are humid which means that the pipes are susceptible to algae and mould which can block the drainpipe and cause a leak.

Water Leaks

A water leak can often be caused by a disconnected drain line. This is a pipe that can sometimes become loose and move away from its connection which means that a water leak occurs.

Ice Forming


Another cause of a leak is a low refrigerant charge. This can cause the air conditioner to freeze up as a result of a lack of pressure inside the system. Ultimately, this means that there is a lower amount of refrigerant gas in the system whilst it still being forced to expand by the same amount. The lower the amount of refrigerant, the cooler the temperature and this is what causes ice to form which eventually leads to a leak.

Air Filters

Commonly, the air filters are one of the most neglected parts of an air conditioning unit yet one of the easiest to deal with. The filters collect the dirt from the air, and over time they can become blocked, which reduces the airflow. This will cause a lower amount of air to hit the evaporator coil resulting in it becoming colder and then freezing. Once it begins to melt, the water will fall into the drain pan which is only designed to hold a certain amount of water.


With any air conditioning system, the ductwork has to be traced around the property in a specific way. The ducting carries air in and out which means that it’s exposed to different temperatures. As the air in the ducts is likely to be cold if they are not fully insulated it will mean that the cold air within the duct and warmer air around it will cause condensation to form. This will build over a period of time and result in a “leak” that can cause damage in hard to reach areas.

What Should You Do If You Find A Leak In Your Air Conditioning System?

Allowing a leak to develop can cause further problems, so it is recommended that you call an engineer as soon as the leak is spotted. A minor refrigerant leak may not pose a health risk, but exposure to high amounts can cause harmful side effects, such as headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, and irritation of the lungs, skin or eyes. Calling the experts such as Total Environmental Kooling to fix your air conditioning in Bristol is highly recommended.


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