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Why is my air conditioning blowing out hot air?

air conditioning blowing out hot air

There could be many possible reasons as to why your air conditioning is blowing out hot air. The issue could be something relatively obvious such as having the controls set to heating or something more complex which would require an air conditioning professional.

Things you can check yourself

Before calling out an air conditioning service engineer, there are a few things you can check yourself. First thing to check is the air conditioning appliance itself and remove anything physically blocking it. Anything blocking the air conditioning vent can lead to similar overheating issues. The next thing to check is the outside unit and remove anything obstructing the unit. Even if there are only a few physical blockages, they must be removed in order to maximize airflow.


Your air conditioning unit is made up of 2 different parts, the outside unit and the inside air conditioning unit. There could be a possibility that your outside unit has lost power but your inside unit is still running; this can lead to your inside unit blowing warm or hot air.

When do you need an air conditioning professional?

There may be some issues which you will not be able to fix or it may be unsafe for you to fix yourself. One of these issues could be low Freon or refrigerant leak leading to your air conditioning unit blowing warm air. Another common issue could be that you have a dirty evaporator coil which needs to be cleaned or replaced.

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