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Why do leisure facilities need air conditioning?

air conditioning in leisure facilities

Leisure facilities are designed to help us keep fit, be entertained or simply enjoy spending time in the company of others. With this in mind, large spaces that can hold hundreds of people at one time should always focus on the safety and comfort of their members, audiences of visitors at all times.

Health and safety obligations aside, the most vital element for ensuring customer satisfaction and comfort is the inside temperature of any public venue.

Keep cool while working up a sweat


Leisure centres, gyms and fitness rooms offer dedicated spaces in which the public can work out, play sports or take part in a wide range of physical activities.  From gymnasiums to dance studios, treatment rooms to squash courts, every space should offer the perfect temperature and plenty of ventilation.

In the gym, for example, the air will quickly become very hot and stale if there is no way to regulate the temperature and expel hot air.  Ensuring that gym members are able to work out in optimum conditions adds to the overall experience and will affect their customer satisfaction.

Any leisure facility that is being used for cardiovascular activities need to find the perfect balance between air temperatures that are cool enough to feel fresh and clean and to prevent unnecessary sweating, without turning them into an ice box where muscles contract with the cold, and cool downs become unbearable.

Maintaining a cool temperature is also necessary for the welfare of those exercising in any facility.  In leisure centres with air conditioning, people can improve their workouts as their core body temperature allows them to workout effectively. People working out in a gym do not want to start their regime in a room that is already too hot and affecting their core temperature.

Staying comfortable at the cinema


It is not just where people are prone to getting sweaty that needs a consistently cool temperature, any venue where there is a concentration of people together can run the risk of getting very hot, very quickly.

A trip to the cinema for example, will be an uncomfortable experience if the screens are hot and airless, and no theatre performance will be worth watching if the audience is sweating it up in the stalls. The climate of the room or auditorium needs to be at an optimum temperature at all times. A dedicated air conditioning system can ensure that the audience remains completely comfortable and in no way effected by the warm air being produced by the giant screen or by the large amount of people they are sharing the room with.

Commercial Air Conditioning In Bristol


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