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What will void my air conditioning warranty?

Air conditioning systems often come with a warranty, but certain courses of action could invalidate your agreement. It’s important that you understand the conditions so you don’t risk voiding your warranty, which could have costly implications. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of your policy carefully and read through the following pitfalls if you want to keep your warranty in place.

Forgetting to register

Usually the installer will register your air conditioning equipment with the manufacturer upon completion of the installation. Often they will need to upload commissioning sheets to confirm it has been correctly installed in order for you to benefit from the maximum warranties (which can be up to 7 years).

Some air conditioning equipment manufacturers will expect you to register your warranty within a limited timeframe before it takes effect. This usually only takes a few minutes to do online or over the phone, so avoid putting it off. Ask the question of your installer when you have handover at the end of the project so there is no confusion.

Installing equipment incorrectly

Trying to install your air conditioning equipment yourself or using an uncertified installer could cause a broad range of problems including inefficient cooling, higher energy bills and even a unit breakdown. Added to this, poor installation could void your warranty, so make sure you use a qualified contractor to install your air conditioning unit.

Buying replacement parts from another provider

If you fix your air conditioning unit using parts from a different supplier, you may find that your warranty is invalidated as your original provider will not be prepared to guarantee another supplier’s products.

Fixing your own unit

If you experience problems with your air conditioning system and are tempted to carry out repair work yourself, be warned! Doing so could mean that you make the problem worse and invalidate your warranty at the same time. Unless you are a qualified air conditioning engineer, it’s always better to call in the experts. This will give you the peace of mind that the repairs have been carried out properly using the right parts, while also keeping your warranty safe.

Regular maintenance

Most manufacturers will expect you to have regular maintenance visits carried out by a suitably qualified engineer at their recommended intervals (typically 6 monthly). If this is not done and able to be backed up with maintenance records detailing the work carried out then your warranty is likely to be void.

How TEK can help you preserve your warranty

We always recommend that our customers schedule regular maintenance of their air conditioning units to ensure that they are running efficiently, and our expert installers and repair contractors will make sure that your unit works efficiently, instantly.

We can carry out maintenance for you, even where we didn’t install the original equipment, using our highly trained engineers to ensure that you can benefit from your warranty. We use the latest electronic servicing and maintenance technology to accurately record all visits, equipment and history of work carried out.

Whether you are planning to fit a new air conditioning system, need some repair work done or are looking to have your unit regularly serviced or maintained, get in touch with the TEK air conditioning team in Bristol. You can call us on 0117 952 3355 or fill in our contact form.