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What’s the difference between a hardwall and softwall cleanroom?

Cleanrooms require exact specifications and precise measurements in order to be effective for each industry. With tailored dimensions for optimal cleanliness, humidity, temperature and air flow, they can be personalised to their exact purpose. Hardwall and softwall cleanrooms are part of the outer design of the cleanroom and choosing which type will depend on your requirements and purposes.

Hardwall cleanrooms

Hardwall cleanrooms have a rigid and stable outer casing. They essentially act as clear walls, as they separate the room off with a durable and sturdy structure. These are typically used when the cleanroom is intending to be a permanent feature of the building, with no plans to rearrange the position or size. They can, however, be split into different zones with individual humidity and temperature controls for each zone.

Softwall cleanrooms

Rather than a sturdy exterior, softwall cleanrooms have transparent curtains for walls. A steel frame with ceiling panel typically forms the structure, with PVC panels as walls and strip doors to enter. Freestanding softwall cleanrooms are easily portable, and easy to rearrange meaning you can transport and reassemble the cleanroom as you need to. These are a much more flexible alternative to hardwall cleanrooms, allowing for free movement of the cleanroom between departments and areas. They can also be used within an existing cleanroom to protect machinery or create an ultra-clean area.

Cleanrooms with TEK

Both softwall and hardwall cleanrooms have their advantages for specific industries and your choice will rely on building layout and purpose. If you’re struggling to decide which cleanroom suits your business and industry, get in touch with Total Environmental Kooling. Many of our customers require different environmental conditions and we have experience in accommodating their exact needs, from initial design plans right through to cleanroom installation.

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