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What is the perfect temperature for your commercial premises?

There is no universal formula that can determine what is the best temperature for all commercial premises. Instead, the answer to this question will depend on a tailored approach that takes into account a property’s individual requirements. For instance, commercial premises where physical activity levels are high should have lower temperatures than more static work environments.

Poor temperature regulation

Although optimum temperatures may vary from site to site, one general rule of thumb is that your commercial property should have both adequate heating and cooling systems for the changing seasons.

If you fail to sufficiently regulate your commercial premises, it’ll likely have a serious effect on your staff productivity. Research from Northumbria University found that staff productivity plummeted in uncomfortably cold conditions, with more errors made and a lack of ability to stay focused.

In some instances, commercial premises that are too hot or cold can result in staff illness, which can also have a detrimental impact on productivity, while the lack of a healthy temperature may additionally cause low mood and morale.


An effective way of maintaining the best temperature in your commercial premises is zoning, an environmentally friendly air conditioning unit that is best used for larger spaces with differing temperature requirements and purpose.

Rather than heating or cooling the whole property to the same temperature, zoning allows for a varied temperature to be achieved between different parts of the building, for an overall more comfortable temperature. This is especially appropriate for sites such as larger shopping centres, for example, when a cooler temperature is required for spaces like food courts, where customers are facing kitchens.

Zoning allows for tailored and specific temperature control so you can keep customers and staff happy and safe. It also means that you can minimise energy use by ensuring that no energy is wasted.

VRV heat recovery

Heat pumps are designed to extract heat from outside sources and then pump it into the property. This uses less electrical energy than converting electricity into heat, and during the summer months, the cycle can even be reversed so that the unit acts as an air conditioning system.

Heat pumps are the most efficient alternative to oil, fuel and electrical systems when it comes to both cooling and heating, and are safer to use than combustion-style systems. They also have a life span of around 15-20 years.

Daikin’s VRV IV heat pump is a unique indoor unit that requires minimal space, the 600x550mm compressor unit can fit neatly into an office or cupboard, so that it’s out of sight from employees and customers. As the two components of the air conditioning unit are so small and light, they can be easily transported and installed by 2 engineers, meaning business disruption is minimised.

At Total Environmental Kooling (TEK) we can assist you with the initial design, installation and aftercare of your commercial air conditioning system. If you need help with achieving the optimum temperature for your commercial property, and to find out more about our commercial air conditioning and climate control systems, call us on 0117 952 3355, or fill in our online contact form.