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What is the most energy efficient air conditioning unit?

What is the most energy efficient air conditioning unit

The energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit affects both the cost of your energy use, and your carbon footprint. More energy efficient units, though initially more expensive, can bring significant savings to your business, and improve the comfort of your offices and facilities.

An air conditioning unit’s energy efficiency is determined by;

The efficiency with which air is heated

The efficiency with which air is cooled

The degree to which heat is recycled in the system

The degree of control which can be exercised over the system

Variable Refrigerant Temperature

The most energy efficient air conditioning units continuously adjust the refrigerant temperature to the temperature and capacity that is actually needed. The result is optimal seasonal efficiency at all times. Leading models can improve seasonal efficiency by 28%.

Variable Refrigerant Volume

Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) was developed by Daikin who copyrighted the term. VRV systems control the amount and flow of the refrigerant incredibly precisely. The accuracy of the temperature controls is increased, and reductions are made in unnecessary efforts from the system. This is extremely efficient and a very energy-friendly method of climate control. This type of system is highly recommended for medium/large buildings of any use.

Air Conditioning Zoning

The cooling and heating requirements for different parts of the building in question are likely to vary, which is why air conditioning zoning is so beneficial for commercial purposes. Having different temperature zones throughout your building allows you to reduce costs incurred by unnecessarily heating unoccupied spaces.

Integrated climate control

The very best systems can be used to manage up to 50% of a building’s energy consumption, which represents a great potential cost saving. There are huge benefits to a system which can control water heating, space heating, space cooling and ventilation. It is possible to reduce running costs even further with energy management software provided with leading energy efficient models.

Best in class?

TEK design, install, maintain and repair high quality and cost-effective commercial air conditioning systems for customers throughout the UK. We are an approved installer for the industry leading brands Mitsubishi, Stulz, Trox, Denco, Toshiba, Daikin and LG. Having led the way in improving the energy efficiency of air conditioning units consistently, it is Daikin’s VRV IV range of units that impresses us most with its energy efficiency features.

Whatever your needs, our 5 year warranty, available on most of our AC systems, including a 7 year warranty on our Daikin and LG products, guarantees a durable unit that will serve your commercial premises for years to come. To find out more or request a quote, call TEK today on 01179 523355 or use our contact form for a quick response.