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What is a VRV System and why is it used?

One of the big advances in the world of HVAC systems has come from Daikin who have created the Variable Refrigerant Volume or VRV system. This new style of HVAC system is offering benefits to businesses around the world but what makes it different?

The VRV system

Under the new VRV system, the needs of a building can be met in a new and exact way. Under traditional HVAC systems, a single condensing unit would be used alongside one compressor and one evaporator. But with the new VRV systems, one condensing unit can work alongside several evaporators, with each one having its own controls.

But how does this affect the building? In a classic HVAC system, when a room reaches a certain temperature, either hot or cold, the system starts to work. But with VRV systems, the refrigerant is constantly being sent to the evaporator and uses existing warm or cool air to meet needs within the building. This means a smaller adjustment to maintain the desired temperature rather than a start from scratch approach of existing HVAC systems.

Benefits of VRV systems

One of the biggest benefits of the new VRV systems is that they use much less energy. This is because they can provide the amount of cooling or heating required for the space which makes them run less frequently. They also run at a lower capacity and are able to capture heat from the cooling process to reuse.

Businesses that have installed the VRV systems have also noted that they are quieter than existing HVAC systems, both internally and externally. They also require less space as the outdoor units are smaller and there is less need for ducts. Equally, this is making them popular for homes in parts of the world where air conditioning is standard.

Because the system heats and cools simultaneously, that collection of residual heat can be redirected to other parts of the building where it is required. You may need to cool the manufacturing area but keep the staff area warm, and now all of this can be done through the same process.

Finally, the partial load conditions and the way the system is designed to run, means that the system parts are less stressed which reduces maintenance as well as risk of a breakdown. And should something go wrong, only part of the system may be affected, with other areas continuing to be heated or cooled as required.

VRV Installation from TEK

Total Environmental Kooling offers air conditioning installation in Bristol and the surrounding area and is a premium supplier of the Daikin VRV systems. This means we can install state of the art air conditioning to your building, regardless of the size and purpose, gaining your business all the benefits of the very latest HVAC approach.

We can visit your property and carry out an assessment and see if you would benefit from commercial air conditioning installation in your business premises. For more information on our air conditioning systems, please call us on 0117 952 3355 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.