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What are BREEAM standards and why do they matter for your business?

BREEAM, or the Building Research Establishment Environment Assessment Methodology, is the industry method for assessing sustainability in projects and non-domestic buildings. It aims to aid project managers, investors, owners and occupiers to be more knowledgeable about their environmental impact and to make effective use of resources.


By examining environmental criteria, from energy to ecology, BREEAM can help to improve the sustainability of non-domestic buildings with an aim to develop the best-practice standard globally. This will not only increase the efficiency of these buildings but can enhance the health and well-being of the people working inside of them.

Assessment Methods

BREEAM Assessors will rate the entire building lifecycle, including planning to occupation to end of lifespan. Once occupied, they will examine the building’s running performance to see how activities are managed throughout the building and how it operates. With the BREEAM ethos, they will then use a scoring system based on evidence and research to rate the building out of 100.

Commercial Benefits

BREEAM standards are really important for your business, as there are numerous benefits to a high BREEAM score. Initially, a good score (between 55% to 70%) may have additional start-up costs but these are typically paid back within 2 to 5 years through savings on energy bills and these savings are sure to continue throughout the building’s lifespan.

VRV heat recovery systems are an example, as they have been shown to be 50% cheaper to run than traditional climate control systems, and the lifecycle cost and service life of equipment are important factors in BREEAM scoring.

Health and well-being

As well as the commercial benefits to a good BREEAM rating, the health and well-being of non-domestic building occupiers can be significantly improved too. Buildings that maintain high air quality for their employers and occupants, with integrated ventilation systems and CO₂ sensors, are given a good score.

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