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icon1 Installing Air Conditioning in Warehouses

Maintaining a comfortable environment is vital in all places of work, including particularly large or drafty spaces such as warehouses, production lines, storage facilities, and depos. These are spaces which can become difficult to work in during both the warmest and coldest months of the year.

UK guidelines suggest that employees should be in an environment of a comfortable temperature of at least 16ºC (13 ºC if they are participating in manual labour). This ensures that their health is not affected by extreme heat or cold and that employee morale and productivity remains good.

In some cases, radical temperatures can also have an affect on equipment or products, causing them to become less efficient or to degrade more quickly. Poor ventilation may also cause problems such as interior condensation, which may damage your building over time.

Why Warehouse air Conditioning?

Keeping these standards can be difficult in large spaces as it can make temperature regulation challenging, particularly if your equipment also produces heat or if parts of your building are open to the elements.

Installing a carefully designed system of air conditioning units in your warehouse is one way to regulate the temperature and air flow within your building. Many HVAC systems can both cool and heat your property, depending on need, as well as providing ventilation.

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Air Conditioning Systems for Warehouses

Total Environmental Kooling are experienced in surveying buildings and designing effective air conditioning solutions which meet the needs of commercial and industrial clients. These systems are designed to cause minimal noise so as not to disturb the working day, and our installations are carried out efficiently and discretely by our in-house engineers, who all hold CSCS Skill Cards and have F-Gas certification.

We are also approved Daikin D1+ installers, enabling us to offer a 7 year warranty on Daikin and LG products.

Some common air con unit solutions in warehouses or factories include:

  • Cassette type air con

These systems work particularly quietly and can be mounted on the ceiling so as to not take up floor space. They function similarly to most air conditioners you may come across, moving air through a refrigerant and a condenser before dispersing it.

This type of air conditioning can often be installed with minimal inconvenience or adjustment to the existing building, as long as the space and type of ceiling permits. They are also often more powerful than wall-fitted units and come in types with “four way” blow, which can distribute cold air to each corner of a room.

  • Ducted Air Conditioning Units

Ducted air conditioning systems are often concealed either under the floor or over a suspended ceiling. Here, an exterior unit takes in and expels air from outside, passes it through a central cooling unit, and the air travels through ducts to be distributed in vents in different areas or rooms. These can come with high power outputs and work well with air conditioning designs which involve zoning.

This separates areas and determines which can be allowed to be hotter or cooler than other areas of the building – for example, a production line may need to be a different temperature than storage areas. This improves the overall efficiency of the system while still creating the desired result of the HVAC system. SMART systems can take this to an even further level.

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Industrial Air Conditioning Installed with Total Environmental Kooling


Contact us today to explore these or other warehouse cooling options. We’ve been creating air conditioning solutions for clients big and small for over 20 years and from our headquarters in Bristol, we operate nationwide.

 You can also find the answers to commonly asked queries on our FAQ page or learn more about how our engineers create specialist rooms for Industry and research.


PLC Clients

We design and install air conditioning services to provide temperature controlled office, manufacturing and measurement facilities for several large plc clients.

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Heat Recovery

The latest advances in air conditioning means that heat recovery technology can now be designed into unitary air conditioning systems.

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Our Services

Air Conditioning Installation

Total Environmental Kooling are an established independent mechanical and electrical contracting company in Bristol offering a complete design, supply and installation service for air conditioning, climate control systems, ventilation and heat pumps.

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Servicing

We have an excellent maintenance team and provide full back up to all industrial and commercial clients including emergency air conditioning and climate control repairs, servicing, fault finding and regular planned maintenance visits.

R22 Replacement

Total Environmental Kooling carry out R22 site surveys and design and install R22 replacement solutions, in order to meet the ban on R22 refrigerant that was introduced in January 2015. We have the answers to your common queries on the legal requirements and implications on your business on our FAQ R22 page.

Bespoke Systems, Close Control, CMM, Thermal Rooms and Cleanrooms

We have extensive experience of designing and building Close Control, Cleanroom, Thermal rooms and CMM room facilities to very tight temperature and humidity control for many blue chip plc clients, including Rolls Royce plc and Renishaw plc. We can also improve existing facilities and retro fit systems to meet client requirements. We have carried out these projects in Bristol and Gloucester, the UK and worldwide.

Heating Systems

Total Environment Kooling Ltd provides services throughout the UK and overseas. We design, install, service and maintain systems for domestic, commercial and industrial sector.