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The Importance of Clean Room Maintenance

To maintain a functioning cleanroom at the specific conditions that it needs, regular maintenance is required. Whether it’s an ISO Class 9 room or an ISO Class 1 room, scheduled maintenance offers the opportunity to test the conditions so the cleanroom can remain effective to industry standards. It also allows time to check the equipment and filters, for a much more efficient cleanroom system.

Avoid breakdowns or faults

Having a professional maintenance company check your cleanroom will mean you can diagnose faults in the equipment in advance. Recognising signs of small faults that occur over time will avoid expensive breakdowns. This also avoids costs for wasted resources, samples and materials that often occur when you have to schedule unexpected downtime, rendering these materials unusable.

Clear filters

Faulty cleanroom filters can jeopardise the purpose of the room as they can introduce contaminants into the environment. Filters can also be quite expensive to replace if malfunctioning. Regular scheduled filter maintenance means you can check they are working efficiently in accordance with the cleanroom’s purpose. The pre-filters and bag filters should be checked too in order to shield and protect the expensive main filter.

Update documentation

To maintain a cleanroom classification, the room needs to be tested to ensure the correct standards are met. A professional maintenance team will understand the authority regulations and classifications in order to test your cleanroom appropriately. This means both the equipment and filtration system can be validated, and the relevant documentation undertaken as evidence that the correct ISO standards are met.

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