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The benefits of air conditioning zoning

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly air conditioning unit for your commercial or industrial premises, zoning could be the most eco-conscious system. Zoning is best used for larger spaces with differing temperature requirements and purposes within the building that can cause a large difference in temperature. Rather than heating or cooling the whole premises to the same temperature, zoning allows for a different temperature to be achieved between parts of the building for a more comfortable temperature for the occupants.

Variable temperature

The main advantage to an air conditioning zoning system is the ability to control the temperature in different parts of a building. By separating the building into zones, you can better optimise the overall temperature of the building rather than considering it as a whole. This is especially appropriate for larger shopping centres with customer facing areas and kitchens, or inside an office building with a warehouse facility which is likely to be kept much cooler than the rest of the premises. Zoning allows for really tailored and specific temperature control so you can keep customers and staff happy while keeping server rooms or laboratory space cool.

Minimise wasted energy

With specialised control over the cooling of a premises, you can ensure that no energy is wasted. Rather than overcooling a space in order to provide an optimal temperature for the whole building, you can minimise energy use while maintaining a comfortable space. Zoning also allows for certain areas of a property to not be regulated at all by air conditioning, turning your AC units off or on depending on their location or requirements at the time, splitting the temperature into much more controlled areas.

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