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Save Money on Your Air Conditioning by Getting Smart

Air conditioning is vital for many businesses to provide a comfortable, legally compliant working environment, however it can be quite energy intensive to run. Fortunately, intelligent design and planning can make your air conditioning system much more energy efficient without sacrificing comfort. This means you can cut your energy use and save money on your bills while still providing a good working environment for your staff and customers.


One of the key principles of good air conditioning design is understanding that different parts of your business premises need different levels of cooling. A stock room, shop floor and staff canteen are all likely to have different optimal temperatures, but with a traditional system you would have to cool them all to the same level, potentially wasting a lot of energy and money.

Intelligent zoning with a smart control system allows you to select different temperatures for different parts of your building and the system automatically adjusts the level of cooling to match. This means you need less energy to achieve a comfortable environment throughout.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Traditional air conditioning turns on when your building is too hot and switches off when it is too cold. This constant stop-start can be very energy intensive as most systems require a big burst of energy to get them started. It also means your air temperature can vary significantly around your optimum temperature as certain parameters must be exceeded before the air conditioning kicks back in.

A variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system is controlled by a microcomputer which uses sensors to detect slight variations in the temperature and adjust the level of cooling to compensate. By avoiding the constant stop-start cycle a VRF system generally uses around 30% less energy than traditional AC which can translate to significant savings on your energy bills

Make Your Air Conditioning Smarter with TEK

TEK offer commercial air conditioning installation in Bristol, air conditioning servicing in Gloucestershire and nationwide as well as maintenance and repairs. One of the UK’s leading air conditioning experts with over 20 years’ experience, we are also a Daikin D1+ Approved Installer. This means we can offer superior installations and support for the UK’s leading manufacturer of intelligent air conditioning systems.

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