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Save Money on Air Conditioning with an Inverter

Air conditioning is essential for many modern workplaces, but can use a lot of energy, making it relatively expensive to run. An inverter allows you to reduce the amount of energy your system uses and cut your bills without sacrificing comfort.

How air conditioning inverters work

With most traditional air conditioning, the system turns on when the building temperature is too high and turns off when it is too low. This constant stop-start cycle is not energy efficient as a large surge of electricity is needed to get the system started.

An inverter works by controlling the speed of the motor driving the compressor responsible for the flow of refrigerant around the air conditioning system. This means the rate of refrigerant flow can be varied to make the air conditioning provide more or less cooling as required. This is much more energy efficient as the system does not need to be constantly switched on and off.

Benefits of using an inverter

An air conditioning system fitted with an inverter will generally use around 30% less energy than a traditional system, which should translate to a significant saving on energy bills. This also has the advantage of making your business much more environmentally-friendly.

A system equipped with an inverter will be controlled by a microcomputer connected to temperature detectors. These detectors constantly sample the air temperature and then adjust the output of the system to maintain a constant temperature, providing a much more comfortable environment.

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