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Preparing for an air conditioning service

Being thoroughly prepared for an air conditioning system service visit, in addition to minimising the impact of the visit on your working day, ensures that the service engineer can carry out a thorough assessment of the air conditioning system. Here we consider the best practices you can follow to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared ahead of your air conditioning service visit.

Between service visits

In the periods between service visits, you should ensure that dirt and debris are kept clear of all intakes, reducing internal soiling of the system and the length of cleaning tasks. All grilles should be wiped down as part of the regular premises cleaning routine.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, between visits all documentation relating to your air conditioning system should be kept together in a well-ordered file. This will assist with the next inspection.

Preparation of relevant documentation

Ahead of a visit, you should take some time to confirm you have all relevant documents to hand. This includes; system schematics and specifications, records of previous service visits, details of any previous faults, and details of any current issues that have been observed with the system.

Making all of this available to the service engineer upon arrival can save valuable time in identifying any potential faults and will assist the engineer in a full and thorough navigation of the air conditioning system.

Preparation of access provisions

A full and thorough service visit will require the engineer to be able to access several points of your air conditioning system. You should have a note of each these on the schematics of the system which you have stored since the previous visit or installation.

You should ensure that each of these points are clear for the engineer, and that provisions have been made for any displaced workers to be able to use a different location in the building to carry out their work. This will ensure that you do not lose any productivity during the service visit.

Knowing what to expect from the visit

A common problem with service and planned maintenance visits, is the customer being unsure of what to expect from the visit. Understanding the type of tasks you should expect the air conditioning engineer to carry out on a service visit, helps you ensure you are getting the service you have requested.

Prior to a service visit, we thoroughly discuss what will be carried out as a one-size-fits-all approach is hardly ever the best solution when it comes to organising air conditioning maintenance schedules. Varying usage, or the environment that you are in, can impact how often your system needs attention. This is why we tailor our air conditioning maintenance schedules to the client’s exact requirements.

Everyone’s requirements differ so contact us for a no-obligation discussion about the best air conditioning maintenance schedule for you by filling in this contact form, or you can call us on 0117 952 3355.