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No outdoor space? You can still have air conditioning with Daikin’s VRV IV heat pump

Air conditioning with Daikins IV heat pump

For commercial buildings and offices lacking indoor and outdoor space in city environments such as Bristol and London, it can be difficult to work an air conditioning unit into the system. Air conditioning units traditionally require a large amount of outdoor space that, when situated on the front of the building, can look unsightly.

Daikin has the solution

Daikin’s VRV IV heat pump is a unique indoor unit that requires minimal space for invisible comfort. It’s a patented concept that is the first of its kind, splitting the compressor and heat exchanger, offering a new way to keep your building temperature controlled while using minimal space in your office.

Invisible cooling

The compressor unit is only 600x550mm and can fit neatly in a back office or cupboard, out of sight from employees and clients. The heat exchanger is a V shape and only 400mm high which enables it to be stored in the ceiling.

Quick installation

As the two components of the air conditioning unit are so small and light, they can be easily transported and installed by 2 engineers. It’s much quicker to install too with a simplified business permit process, reducing business disruption.

No outdoor space needed

There’s no need for a rooftop, alley or outdoor area to store the bulk of the unit. The system sits indoors with only grilles on the outside of the building that can be discreetly hidden with the building’s exterior features or a business logo.

With outdoor space at a premium in prime city centre locations, Daikin’s indoor unit allows for the necessity of air conditioning without the inconvenience of wasting space. To find out how you can get a Daikin unit, get in touch with TEK, specialists in air conditioning for Bristol and Gloucester.

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