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Key elements of cleanroom design

For an effective clean room in a commercial or industrial facility, there are 4 key elements to be considered throughout the design process. These must be tailored to your specific requirements in order to design a clean room that fits your exact needs.

Cleanroom classification

Cleanroom classification ranges from ISO Class 9 to ISO Class 1, with Class 1 being the “cleanest”. Each classification has its own set of specifications, each designed with meticulous detail to meet the industry standards. The classification you choose will determine the particle count, air pressure and airflow that your room requires.

HEPA or ULPA filters

There are two different types of filters you can use, which is typically decided in the initial stages of the design process. Which filter you choose will depend on the cleanliness class required for the product or process within the clean room.

HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) are usually used in ISO Class 5 to ISO Class 8 rooms, in, hospital operating rooms and semi-conductor companies. This includes manufacturers of everything from drugs and food to hard drives and circuit boards.

ULPA filters (Ultra Low Penetration Air) are typically for ISO Class 4 to ISO Class 1 clean rooms. These have a higher minimum efficiency and are used when much smaller particles are going to be needed in the processes or products of the clean room, for example in the semi-conductor industry.


Airflow is next to consider in your clean room construction. There are three types of airflow you may wish to have; unidirectional, non-unidirectional and mixed. Again, the airflow you need will depend on the nature and purpose of the control room. Unidirectional airflow is recommended for ISO Class 1 to 5 with Non-unidirectional recommended for the others, ISO Class 6 through to 9. Mixed airflow combines the two.

Room pressure

The cleanest room in your entire cleanroom setup should have the highest room pressure. This should then cascade to the rooms with less of a cleanliness priority, room by room. For example, you shouldn’t have a door from the cleanest room leading to the outside. Room pressure is therefore really important.

If you would like some help with designing a cleanroom, TEK can help. We specialise in cleanroom installation and we tailor our service to meet both your requirements and the industry standards. For more information, please call us on 0117 952 3355 or you can contact us online.