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Is The Air Quality in Your Office Up To Scratch?

In working environments, air quality is really important to keep employees both safe and healthy. It has become a necessity to reduce energy wastage and improve energy efficiency, while keeping the air quality high for indoor occupants.

Energy efficiency

The government has aims to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, in order to improve the UK’s carbon footprint. To do this, buildings must be more airtight to avoid energy wastage. However making buildings more airtight without effective ventilation in place will increase indoor air pollution.

The Future of Indoor Air Quality in UK Homes Report

A report has claimed that if buildings do not balance energy efficiency with air quality, there will be an 80% increase in asthma sufferers. Volatile Organic Compounds, that are potentially harmful to people, will also increase by 60% above the World Health Organisation’s suggested 24 hour limit.

General health

Not only can indoor air pollution cause asthma, but Volatile Organic Compounds can cause a range of general illnesses and discomfort for employees, resulting in an unhappy and unsafe working environment. Illnesses that are recognised and associated with indoor air pollution include allergies, lung cancer and respiratory infections which highlights the severity of poor air quality.

Proper ventilation

Effective ventilation can drastically improve air quality and ensure that your staff remain healthy. The report recommends the installation of continuous ventilation such as air conditioning with heat recovery in order to keep air pollution low but energy efficiency high. A properly installed and maintained ventilation system will have huge benefits for indoor occupants and provide a safer working environment.

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