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Is air conditioning necessary for the summer?

Air conditioner in summer

Keeping your commercial premises at a regulated temperature can have many benefits for your business. Overly hot environments can hinder your employees’ productivity levels, making your office or business space difficult to work in.

Your customers, additionally, may find a hot temperature uncomfortable to sit in during the summer months which makes air conditioning an invaluable addition to your business premises.

The importance of air conditioning

The temperature of a room, especially in extreme weather conditions, can be important for your health. Premises that are either too hot or too cold could cause illness for your employees if not regulated at all. This is especially relevant if you are based in a hospital where people are not in good health, then having the correct temperature could be an extremely serious matter.

Comfortable space

Having a comfortable temperature in the summer will ensure your staff don’t suffer from tiredness and low productivity that occurs when succumbed to excessive heat. For example, if you are working in an office and the temperature is too high, your employees may become uncomfortable and start to make errors. Decreased employee productivity could then mean loss of business.

Restaurants and cafés could also see a loss of business if people are not comfortable at the establishment. Your customers may look elsewhere if your premise isn’t offering a cool place to eat and relax in. In shopping centres, you are less likely to browse for very long if the temperature is too hot but if the air conditioning is keeping you at a regulated temperature, there is more incentive for customers to stay longer. The same can be said in leisure facilities like gyms and swimming pools, if the temperature is fit for the facility then members are going to enjoy their leisure activities more.

Creating the perfect climate

If your business premises are quite large, it can be difficult to create the perfect temperature for every part of your premises. Air conditioning zoning allows you to modify the temperature for different parts of the building. By keeping a kitchen, for example, cooler than the restaurant space, you can ensure that there is a perfect climate for both staff and customers. This works by allowing specified temperatures in different areas and can help to ensure that no energy is wasted by decreasing the temperature for the whole building.

Making your air conditioning go the extra mile

To ensure your air conditioning is most effective, make sure you keep windows and doors shut while it is on. This will prevent hot air from outside getting into the building and help regulate an air flow of the cool air from the AC unit. At night time and in the evening can be a more appropriate time to open the windows, to allow cool air to get in. You should also ensure that your staff and customers have access to cold water provisions should they need it, to keep staff and clients well hydrated in the summer heat.

Air conditioning in British summertime

Due to our unstable weather in England, it is always debatable if it is going to be necessary to have air conditioning during the summer months. Some summers can see days reaching up to 27 degrees so it is vital to have cool temperature regulations in place should we get a heat wave or particularly warm summer.

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